This page is especially prepared to give you information regarding circumcisions. Dallas Urology Associates, including Drs. Fetner, Moskowitz, Logan and McKay, perform over 2,000 circumcisions in children and adults, yearly. Uncircumcised children have a higher incidence of urinary tract infection during their first year of life. In addition, there is a body of evidence developing which suggests that circumcised individuals have less risk of the spread of AIDS later in life. This is due to less cracking and tearing of the foreskin as well as better cornification of the penis which may prevent the spread of AIDS?virus. For theses reasons, plus various hygienic reasons, Dallas Urology is prepared to perform circumcisions in the office on infants, six months of age and younger. Children over six months may have circumcisions performed through Day Surgery in the hospital.


An appointment may be called by dialing 879-8541, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. If Medicaid applies, a current insurance card must accompany the parents at the time of the office visit. Office circumcisions are done from birth to approximately six months of age, depending upon the child's size. Over the age of six months, a circumcision can be performed in the hospital, as a Day Surgery procedure.

Circumcisions are handled in three visits:

  1. The first visit consists of an office consultation with the doctor. The child must be present for consultation, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

  2. Circumcision is done on the second visit. The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. The parent will make an appointment at this time for a follow-up exam in one week. The parents will be given a post-circumcision care instruction sheet to help manage the infant or child post-operatively.

  3. The third visit is a follow-up exam to ensure that the bell has separated from the glans penis and to inspect the wound to ensure proper healing is occurring. If there is no problem, this will conclude the follow-up.

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