Reconnecting: Communities, Families, Union

Dua addresses a fundamental but yet unmet need, reconnecting people who share your values.
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Why dua?

Because dua has an extremely high frequency, resonating on the vibration of pure, genuine love. Dua bridges connections between people from various nations, ethnicities, and beliefs around the world. From super-global to hyper-local—for any situation in life—for any type of relationship. Anywhere. Anytime. Dua.

Choose a way to reconnect.

This lays the foundation for long-term partnerships with our clients based on trust and mutual understanding. We are committed to creating unique and creative solutions as well as high-quality support services.

Why Community Filters Matter

Suppose you’re searching for a single of your ethnicity living in Germany (83 million people), but you’re using one of the Mainstream Dating Apps. It’s hard without a feature that filters through the chaos.

Fly Around the World

Dua attracts confident men and women who embrace their uniqueness, culture, values, language, and roots through bold fashion, cuisine, music, and individual life views!

Dua Token empowers our Communities!

DUA is the utility token that links and creates relationships for millions of migrants, their families, and friends on and Spotted.

What We Stand For

Celebrating the diverse human experiences


Origin, Culture & Language.


Families are the core of communities


The Union of Men & Women creates the family

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