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Find Your One

Conscious Dating App – people here are looking for honesty, real and verified people only, to find long-lasting relationships or to marry the one

How is different?

Two billion people are affected by loneliness. Our mission to reduce loneliness by 50% until 2034.

We have a very different approach to any other dating app – and see dating as only one part of the whole journey of Love.

We understand we all feel sometimes lonely or some have fear of committing to a new relationship, because we’ve all been hurt in the past. That’s why it’s time for a transformation of the dating industry.

For you to find your One, you also need to be the One. That means to be ready for love, ideally to be your best version of yourself. To feel good about yourself also when you are alone and single.

So, the journey of finding your match begins with yourself. You are the solution to all your problems. Are you ready for the love of your life? Or do you still need to work on yourself? Wherever you are on your personal journey, we take you on the whole journey of love.

Growing together encourages couples to commit to their relationship and to invest in their growth as a couple. To understand each other’s love languages, to understand patterns, and to deeply care for each other, while both individually feel content.

So, the is beyond dating, it’s a lifestyle app with three parts:

Be The One. Find Your One. Grow Together

10’000+ Five Star Ratings

Great app to meet a lot of people. Keep up the good work!


GREAT APP I love it❤

Alisa Kelmendi

Great app! Easy to use for everyone!


Very good app, easy to use and I’ve noticed that the number of fake profiles has decreased significantly. Good job!!

Shqiponjë Gashi

This app is super easy to use and has tons of profiles to check out. You can chat with people easily and it’s a fun way to meet new folks.


I’ve had a really good experience on this app. It’s definitely my best experience so far; I met so many nice ppl through this app, and none of them was a scam or anything like that. 💯💯👌👌


Three steps to Find Your One

Sign Up & Tell Us About Yourself

Fill in your profile, share your values, interests, languages, authentic photos, your culture, religion, ethnic origin or spirituality – whatever matters to YOU!

Discover based on who You are

Discover Matches based on your values and who you feel attracted to – explore profiles that resonate with you

Find Your One

Find your ideal partner, thanks to Spotted’s hyper-local feature, our Advanced Filters or the Soulmate Finder. Connect & Chat, easy as that!

How you will Find Your One

Did you lose time with the wrong one?

We feel you, it’s not easy to find the right partner who understands your feelings, someone who just cares for you, and where you feel home.

Swiss Company. Swiss Quality

We guarantee high quality profiles, whether you are looking to find someone from the same origin, who speaks your language, or shares your faith. We have designed a whole new experience to bring like- and open-minded people together. dating app

Find Your One who makes you believe in Love again

MATCH – We are on your side to start your love journey towards a conscious, fulfilling, and lasting relationship. Just say “Hi” or send a rose Match

Spotted: The Cross Path Experience

On you can find people who really get you, who matter to you, who you feel connected to – anywhere in the world.

Maybe your Soulmate lives just in the same place and you have crossed paths? Perfect, the Spotted feature will notify you.


Flight mode

You are looking for someone more far away? Just fly around the world, change your location to any place. Fly to another city or your country of origin – and you can meet people from there.

Or are you planning to change the place you live? Great – Find Your One even before moving there. Flight Mode

Incognito Mode

Your Privacy, your Safety and your Freedom matter to us above anything else. Our app is designed to protect you in all ways.

Activate Incognito Mode, or you can block anyone before even signing up, you can hide your photos, you can report people – and you can count on our support team to be on your side.

Extra Safety for Her Incognito Mode

Our Love Stories

They all have a unique, healthy love story that began with a match and a lovely conversation on! Now it’s time for you to Find Your One.