3% help, 100% love!

When you least expect it, we’ll be there to give you a hand and lots of love! Get ready to smile!
At dua.com, our mission is to create value in people’s lives. We believe that even the smallest gestures can bring joy, so we put 3% of our net revenue back into our communities each month to make a difference in people’s daily lives.

Why 3%?

The dua.com platform aims to use 3% of monthly profits to put smiles on people’s faces!

We are everywhere around you, trying to make your day with small gestures, which mean a lot to us! For more, watch our videos!


Ed, Hana, Anxhelo, Edison, Erita, Flakron, Qendresa, Yllka, Ani & Fisnik

Frequently asked questions

Since the beginning, giving back to the community has been the goal of dua.com. We will continue to do this activity every month. It has nothing to do with clicks.
We can surprise you anywhere in Albanian-speaking countries. We hope to make you smile on a difficult day too!
This can vary from month to month. We are focused on giving the 3%.

Inspired by Mr. Beast!

This project is inspired by the videos and initiatives of Mr. Beast! Our mission is to spread positivity and love!