Poles and 11 facts about them

Poles or Polish people who live in a West Slavic country are unified by their shared heritage and culture. The

poles in russia

Poles in Russia

Approximately 3 million Poles call the Russia their home, including 47,000 ethnic Poles living in the Russian Federation and those

turks in austria

Turks in Austria

Turks in Austria are the largest ethnic minority group in the country and have been present since the 1970s. The

poles in australia

Poles in Australia

Albanian people have a long and varied migration history to Spain, beginning with Albanian nationals who sought asylum during the

albanians in ukraine

Albanians in Ukraine

There are Albanians in Ukraine who keep their traditions to this day! Albanians are known to be scattered throughout the

albanians in sweden

Albanians in Sweden

Albanians in Sweden are a growing community with a long history of migration. Though they make up a relatively small

albanians in australia

Albanians in Australia

Albanians in Australia – Albania has a long and rich history that stretches back centuries. Over the years, many Albanians

albanians in canada

Albanians in Canada

Albanians in Canada – Are you a young person of Albanian descent who has recently moved to Canada? If so,