Diaspora: Meet men and women from the diaspora


Diaspora, getting to know a person better while talking online is not very difficult, even if he/she is an Albanian from the diaspora. If you have met a girl or boy from the diaspora with whom you cannot meet because they are far away, you can do this through dua.com.

We suggest asking each other different questions during the online chat, such as: about books, music, art, politics, history, games, movies, etc. You can also ask about personal experiences that help you get to know each other a little better. On dua.com, you can find each other, match, send different messages, or even make video calls.

The most frequent questions you can ask

To extend the conversations between you, here we have summarised some questions that will help you get to know the person you are talking to even better. Let’s start:

  • What would you do with your free time if you were able to quit your job?
  • Tell me about a gift you have received that you will never forget?
  • What is the hardest thing you have done in your life?
  • If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
  • If you could relive one day of your life from the beginning, which day would you choose?
  • What is the best advice you have ever given to someone?
  • What is the best question anyone has ever asked you?
  • If you were an animal, which one would you like to be?
  • Describe a perfect Saturday.
  • If you were stranded on an isolated island with nothing else but unlimited access to the water, what are three other things you would wish to have?
  • If you could learn any new skill, what would it be?

These questions can help you get closer to anyone, whether they are Albanians from the diaspora or not. By asking the right questions, you can get to know someone better and create a meaningful connection with them. You can also create friendships in addition to your intention to get to know people for a relationship. There is no better place to do this than on the dua.com app, the only app dedicated to Albanians for online dating.

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