Dua Global – People from around the world are welcome in our app!

Dua Global

Dua Global – Our latest app update brought to our users the ‘Choose Your Community’ option! We aim to connect people through love, friendship, and business.

As you know, dua.com addresses a fundamental yet unmet need, reconnecting with people who share your values.

Except for Albanians, with our latest update, we’re inviting Turks and Pols communities to join our platform. The list of communities to who we’ll provide our dating app services will expand soon. All of this is without any disruption for the current Albanian users.

So what does ‘Global’ exactly mean for dua.com users?

If you are a person who lives away from his country of origin, or if moving is in your plans, dua.com is the app you need on your phone! Our app is destined to help people who share the same culture and language connect with each other.

From now on, when you go to your dua account, you can choose your community and start connecting with your people, no matter where they live!

This lays the foundation for long-term partnerships with our users based on trust and mutual understanding. We are committed to creating unique and creative solutions and high-quality support services.

Why dua.com?

Due to the fact that dua resonates on the vibration of unadulterated love, it has an exceptionally high frequency.

Dua creates links between people of different nations, ancestries, and religious perspectives. From super-global to hyper-local—for every circumstance in life—and every kind of connection. Anywhere and whenever. Dua.

The Community Filter: Why is It Important?

Suppose you’re using one of the Mainstream Dating Apps to look for a single person of your ethnicity who lives in Germany (83 million people). With a feature that cuts through the confusion, it is easy. That’s why it was so important for us to help you!

That’s what makes dua.com a better dating app for you than any other app. Dua is the right choice to save time and get exactly what you are looking for! The app offers even more options that you’ll find very handy once you start using it.

Get started on dua.com.

You can easily download the dua app on your phone, whether you have an Android or iOS.


As a user of the ios platform, you can download the app by clicking here – the link sends you directly to the App Store.

As an android user, you can download the dua app by clicking here – the link sends you directly to the Play Store!

Don’t forget to complete your profile!

If you want to succeed on dua.com, you need to create a cool profile that will attract a lot of likes. If you already have one profile, it’s time to learn how to improve it!

Here’s what you should do to complete your dua profile:

Upload three photos. (You can transfer them from Facebook.)
Verify your profile.
Write a creative bio; why not even a funny bio?
Fill in your profile with information about yourself, like work or education.
Write hobbies, preferences, and so on.
Link your dua profile with your Instagram profile.

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