We are soon launching our cryptocurrency called DUA.

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    What is DUA?

    DUA is a crypto token that will serve as the social and community token of dua.com

  • 2
    Why DUA?

    Every participant in the digital creative space of dua.com will be rewarded in DUA.

  • 3
    When will DUA be available?

    DUA will be launched in early 2022. You will get informed as soon as everything is ready.

  • 4
    Where can I get or buy DUA?

    You can buy DUA within the dua pay app and on different decentralized exchanges.

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    Who can invest in DUA?

    Everyone can invest in DUA. You can buy, sell, exchange or you can keep it as an asset.

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    Join the community

    Learn more about DUA, chat with our team and with others in our social media community.

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