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FAQ > IRL dating during Covid

Last updated: September 20, 2021

IRL dating during Covid

During the last months, we had to be very careful because of Covid-19. The isolation, social distance, and the strict rules when it comes to travel have impacted romantic life too.

What can we do?

  1. Communicate as much as possible over the phone or by text message.
  2. Make plans for the future.
  3. Video calls.
  4. Write him/her a poem
  5. Watch the same movie at the same time using Netflix’s special program.
  6. Read the same book and then share your thoughts and comments about it.
  7. Decide to cook the same food and share the result with each other.
  8. Practice a new language together, especially if you like foreign languages.
  9. Learn something new like calligraphy, painting, writing, etc.
  10. Challenge each other with joint online games, or even videogames, where each of you can be a character. A little challenge does not hurt anyone though at a distance!

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