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The next-gen neo-banking platform for fragmented communities.
dua pay was founded to make your banking and
payments experience as easy and efficient as
possible through blockchain technology.

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While we build dua pay, we will explain why now it's the perfect time for you to choose your bank based on your specific needs. At the end of the day, it's your money, and you should try to get the most out of it.
Open dua pay account

Verify in minutes
and start your journey

Send & receive money

To and from anywhere
with minimal cost

Add money

via Debit & Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Apple & Google Pay

Hold multi-currencies


Get a virtual &
physical debit card

Spend & withdraw cash
with your dua debit card

Exchange currencies

Get the best exchange rates

Micro donations

You will be able to donate to institutions back home, involved in helping people and achieving an impact in society

Open dua pay wallet

Verify in minutes and start
your crypto journey

Buy, hold, send crypto

All known cryptocurrencies


Peer-to-peer exchange between cryptocurrencies

Earn interest

Put your crypto assets to work. Generate high interests.


Invest in DeFi projects risk-free and in seconds

Borrow & lend

Borrow and lend crypto assets
through decentralized systems

We are building a next-generation neo-banking platform, unifying both traditional & decentralized finance to provide you with faster and fairer financial services.

The rate of international migration is increasing. These communities, which count 272 million globally, lack their own platforms for connecting with people of similar cultural backgrounds. When developing dua.com, we realized that international remittances play a significant role in certain countries with large diasporas. Unfortunately, due to high transit rates and a lack of access to financial institutions, these societies continue to face significant challenges when sending or receiving remittances. Our goal with dua pay is to provide a platform that can help these people and resolve their problems.

dua pay Blog

We will inform you here for every update on dua pay. Our articles are here to inform you where and why banks are failing us and what we can do together to solve it.
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