Love Tactics Netflix: The Turkish romance you need to watch!

Love Tactics Netflix

Love Tactics Netflix. – Netflix’s new romantic comedy has been captivating viewers and whisking them away to the fantastical world of Turkish literature. Firstly, this 98 min long film is sure to enchant moviegoers expecting a classic Hollywood romance served up with some chuckle-worthy “tactics”.

Starring: Sukru Ozyildiz as Kerem and Demet Özdemir as Asli, along with an all-star cast including Hande Yilmaz, Atakan Çelik, Deniz Baydar ad Yasemin Yazici. That is to say, enjoy it in its original dub or with subtitles in your language!

The plot of Love Tactics Netflix

In an entertaining battle of wits, Asli and Kerem enter a bet to make the other fall head over heels in love. Demet Özdemir stars as Asli. A fashion designer-blogger who dispenses wisdom on how women can be strong and independent despite predictable men. Meanwhile on the opposite side is Sukru Ozyildiz’s character, Kerem; your conventional player with confidence that he knows precisely what it takes for anyone to swoon over him right away. In conclusion, will their opposing viewpoints lead them into uncharted territory?

Turkish movies, except for Love tactics Netflix, you can watch on Netflix.

Dive into the cinematic brilliance of Turkey with some inspiring recommendations for first-time viewers. Recent years have seen Turkish film and its talented artists proclaim their impact on a global scale. Creating stories that are truly authentic to live. Therefore, don’t miss out – treat yourself!


Atiye tells the story of an Istanbul artist whose peaceful life is shattered when she meets a mysterious archeologist who has made a perplexing discovery. With hints of Middle Eastern tales and captivating visuals, Atiye embarks on her quest to uncover secrets from her childhood that are intertwined with this newfound knowledge. In other words, exploring themes like mythology, intrigue, and personal growth- it’s guaranteed to be a thrilling journey!

Eksi Elmalar

Uncover the captivating story of Muazzez, a young Turkish girl born in 1950s rural village. Despite restrictive customs and traditions that stifle female rights, she strives to make her dreams a reality. Eksi Elmalar paints an evocative picture of this period with its beautiful Shakespearean comedy style plot-line centering around two major elements. The mayor’s apple orchards and the mayor’s daughters!

 Kis Günesi

For fans of gripping detective stories, Kis Günesi is a must-watch. Young Efe notices something in the garden that will alter his life irrevocably. Shortly afterward, he witnesses his own father’s death and finds himself with an unfamiliar family as fate takes him away from all he knows to start over.

Therefore, alongside unraveling this newfound secret identity comes a mission for revenge and redemption bordering on telenovela intensity levels. Watch along as Efe embarks upon this thrilling quest for justice!

Istanbul Kirmizis

Orhan, a London-based author and native of Istanbul, returns to his hometown in an attempt to assist famed director Deniz with editing his first novel. However, when Orhan arrives at the editor’s residence, he discovers that they have disappeared inexplicably into thin air. Leaving him stranded among unfamiliar family members and mysterious relationships. Red Istanbul is a captivating movie delving deep into this curious circumstance full of secrets yet unraveled.

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