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The dating world is overflowing with choices. Two of which are Plenty of Fish Dating App and, which couldn’t be more different from each other in their offerings. So let’s take a closer look at the features that make up both apps. Aiming to help you paint a clearer picture of what sets them apart. Since both are one of the most popular dating sites out there, is good to know where they differ.

Last time we did an article looking into one app versus another. This time around our focus will be solely dedicated to showcasing exactly what these two dating apps have available for users!

Plenty of Fish Dating site – POF app

Founded back in 2003, POF (formerly known as “Plenty of Fish” or “PlentyofFish”) has become a true success story amongst online dating sites. With an estimated 90 million registered users worldwide, it’s no surprise that this platform is so big. They claim to be responsible for creating over one million relationships each year. Not bad for an app nearing its 20th birthday! But where’s the catch?

With its convenient search and browse capabilities, you can find your match fast. With their “Ultra Match” you get a personalized list of top 50 potential partners who are most compatible with you. POF has fused together features from multiple dating sites into one experience.

You can search by location. Simply scroll through the pictures of potential matches and indicate whether or not they meet your criteria with a cross or tick. Receive daily updates on possible pairings – made easier thanks to its years of experience and massive database!

Now let’s see what DUA has to offer is an innovative dating app for those looking to form meaningful relationships with someone special. This revolutionary platform offers a multitude of free features and paid ones that have yet to be seen in the industry. For example, Fly Mode–allows you to virtually take your profile anywhere and match it up with users from similar backgrounds.

Community Filter, which creates controlled space to connect around topics like language or culture, tradition and more. Dua is a great online dating app that you can download for free on either Android or iOS. You can even access it with a web version from your PC.

It costs less than its predecessor starting at just 6.99 dollars per month – making the fantastic features available to all! Hurry up don’t wait any longer to match with other users. Get Dua today to start exploring its amazing possibilities!

How does Plenty of Fish Dating App compare with

Facts about the Plenty of Fish dating app:

  1. Name: Plenty of Fish or POF app

  2. Paid or Free: Free services as well as Premium

  3. Average Sign Up Time: Creating an account is around 5 to 10 minutes to accommodate all the information needed (at least 20 questions)

  4. POF Cost: Plans start as low as 20 dollars per month and you can upgrade to three or eight-month-long premium packages.

  5. POF review and extra info:

  • The site is available for free as an app for both IOS and Android devices as well as a web version.

  • The iOS pof review has a rating of 4.2 stars after 1.6 million reviews.

  • The Android app on Google Play has a rating of 3.7 stars after 1.64 million reviews.

  • The highest percentage of users are around 34-50 years old.

  • The compatibility rate is tested based on the “Plenty of Fish Chemistry Predictor”

Facts about

  • Site Name:

  • Paid or Free: Completely Free services and Paid Premium Service

  • Average Sign-Up Process and time: you can create an account < in 2 minutes

  • Paid Premium Service: Premium plans, for instance, start as low as 6,99$ per month or you can choose a three months package, six or even a yearly package.

  • Unique features and extra info:

    • is found on both IOS and Android devices as well as dua web.

    • The IOS app has a rating of 4 stars after 1.8 thousand reviews.

    • The Android app has a rating of 3.6 stars after 1.7 thousand reviews.

    • The average user age of the site is 20-38 years old.

Does Dua have the same issue with fake profiles as Plenty of Fish?

The short answer is No. The long answer is that to ensure the safety of its users, Plenty of Fish has implemented phone number verification. However, as with any free website, there is still a need for users to be vigilant. Especially when confronting spammers, scammers, and prostitutes that may have infiltrated into the platform.

With Plenty of Fish, you need to exercise caution when deciding who should swim in your pond! Unwanted messages abound on this free app. Courtesy of mischievous fake members. Don’t let their false promises lure you away from keeping yourself safe while playing the dating game.

Where does dua differs?

On the other hand, the user base has not only phone and email verification but also a very advanced verification system. This system offers you a badge of authentication once you upload a selfie with a gesture acceptable by the support team.

One of the greatest drawbacks of Plenty of Fish Dating App is exactly what they pride themselves on, its overabundance of users. This large number usually leads to stiff competition for the most appealing women. Unfortunately, match quality on this site tends to vary significantly – a frequent criticism from Plenty Of Fish customers.

To further complicate matters, as a dating site, Plenty of Fish has other issues. The dating experience is not the best. For example, you must upgrade your account in order to access extended profiles. To see other singles as well as remove all ads and determine if she has read your message or not, an upgrade is obligatory. Let’s not count to search filters and to see priority messages or not.

dua is specific when compared to other dating sites or even POF. Having a smaller pool of users, serious relationships are more doable by its mobile users. You don’t need to do some extra spicy dating games or share personal details to every match to form meaningful connections. Having authentic users it’s dua main goal to create a safe space for dating.

What does dua premium offer?

With Dua Premium, you can unlock all the possibilities! Enjoy unlimited boosts and impressions or Fly your account around the world. Plus access special features like Dark Mode, Insta Chat and more. This way you’re always one message ahead of everyone else. Video Chats up to 10 hours a month and heaps more filters. Why even bother looking anywhere else? The only limit is your imagination!

Finding true love has never been so easy with! As a premium user, you’ll have access to 5 million potential matches from all over the world. You can get unique swipes each time you Fly your account into new places. Making your search for “the one” more exciting than ever before.

Is POF worth it? – The Bottom Line Upfront of the Plenty of Fish Dating App

POF has come a long way since its rocky beginnings. When the site was first used, it had fewer barriers to entry than other dating sites. This opened up doors for spamming and scammers looking for quick cash – hardly an attractive prospect! But these days POF is much more appealing with quality members who stick around.

POF has undergone a transformation with upgrades to the Small Fish emblem and logo. But does it really make any difference? Many customers still find the experience remarkably similar. Not to mention that POF subscription fees remain pricey compared with other popular dating apps. That being said, dua presents an alternative for those looking to save some money… Keep your eyes open!

Plenty of Fish Dating App or How do I choose?

When it comes to choosing between Plenty of Fish and, there are a few things to consider. For starters, the average sign-up time for creating an account is much quicker with, taking only a few minutes compared to the 5-10 minutes needed for Plenty of Fish.

Additionally, membership prices vary from 6.99$ per month for dua. Whereas POF can cost up to 33.99$ per month with its paid membership packages.

Finally, the verification process on dua is much stricter, encouraging users to remain safe as they navigate the platform and helping reduce the number of fake profiles that are common in Plenty Of Fish’s free services. is the a great choice for those in search of an effortless and secure dating site. It can help you find your soulmate without going over budget! With foolproof security measures, it’s sure to put your mind at ease while you start searching for something special. So, go ahead and take a chance on dua!

Dua and Plenty of Fish – two sides of the same coin when it comes to finding love. We hope this article has given you a better idea on how they differ, so take your pick! With any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out-our support team Best wishes as you set sail into newfound romance land. We believe in you!



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