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Mirësevini në Podcastin tuaj dhe tonin, gjatë këtij udhëtimi javor me ne ju do të informoheni, argëtoheni, e të shijoni me ne muhabetin e ëmbël për temat aktuale në botën shqiptare dhe atë të jashtme, me Miranin dhe Ariotin.
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Mission & Vision

Democratize the way globally fragmented communities connect by providing the Go-To platform for people to connect to their community through all kind of relationships.

Our mission is to connect, empower and help transform the community as a whole and each individual to create the best version we can be: free, confident, healthy and conscious humans, supporting each other as part of a strong uniting community.

Values & Position

Dua’s mission is to connect the fragmented Albanian Community – to promote Albania and Kosova as great places to live, to bring back our people and to protect our heritage, culture and language.

We’re working on creating a great future for all of us, for our children, for a better life, stronger family, social progress, quality of governance that does a commitment to its citizens, a strong economy with great economic development and opportunities for all – and a strong Albanian community around the globe.


miran ramadani
Miran Ramadani

arioti podcast
Ariot Myrtaj

El Berisha
Head of Research

muhamed zeneli
Ed Zeneli
Head of Video&Audio

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