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Fly to a New Location with possesses a standout feature that sets it apart from other online dating apps.

This feature, known as “Fly to a New Location,” allows users to fly their accounts to any desired location worldwide.

Consequently, they can connect and match with any user in that particular area.

Location Filter


  • Log into your account 
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on Filters
  • Click Location and select the current location or another one of your choice
  • If you want to “go to” another location, click Fly to a New Location
  • Choose any country in the world you want to fly your account to
  • Match with users who are already present in your new searching area

As a freemium user, you can change your location on once every 12 hours. 

As a Premium User, you have unlimited chances at your disposal to change your location whenever and wherever you want!

How often can I use this option?

Why is the Fly feature important?

Connect with your community no matter where you are! Our Fly to a New Location feature lets you interact and match with people from different countries and places.

Whether you’re a girl from the Diaspora looking for a match back home, or a young man searching for someone abroad, this feature simplifies the process. Stay connected and find your perfect match, no matter the distance!