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We, at dua.com, are here to empower serious seekers of love. Say goodbye to wasting time on the uncommitted and hello to meaningful connections.

Explore a platform that’s exclusively dedicated to people who are ready to take a deep dive into love and let go of casual dating.

Join our community today and let us guide you towards the authentic, lasting love you deserve.

dua.com team

Meet the team of dua.com

Valon Asani

Valon Asani

Founder - CEO

Erblin Ribari

Erblin Ribari


edon luta

Edon Luta


yllka abdullahu

Yllkë Abdullahu


hamit shala

Hamit Shala


vigan ramadani

Vigan Ramadani


admir kadriu

Admir Kadriu


ardit trikshiqi

Ardit Trikshiqi


fidan bacaj

Fidan Bacaj

Android Lead Developer

esat hamzaj

Esat Hamzaj

Android Senior Developer

shpend gashi

Shpend Gashi

ASO Manager

etnik beqiri

Etnik Beqiri

Backend Developer

arber hyseni

Arbër Hyseni

Backend Engineer

argjend sahiti

Argjent Sahiti

Backend Engineer

miran ramadani

Miran Ramadani

Brand Ambassador

florian morina

Florian Morina

Business Analyst

flogerta driza

Flogerta Driza

Content Creator / Editor

argjenda selmani

Argjenda Selmani

Content Writer / Editor

valbona bajraktari

Valbona Bajraktari

Content Writer / German

fjolla pelaj

Fjolla Pelaj

Lead Customer Support


Monika Bunjaku

Data Scientist

aida halitaj

Aida Halitaj

Lead Data Scientist

qendrim morina

Qendrim Morina

Financial and Administration Specialist

rifat abazi

Rifat Abazi

Software Engineer

ereza begu

Erëza Begu

Frontend Engineer

shkumbin hasani

Shkumbin Hasani

Full-Stack Engineer

vigan myrtaj

Vigan Myrtaj

Head of Design

arbnor rashiti

Arbnor Rashiti

Head of UX/UI Designer

isa selimi

Isa Selimi

iOS Developer

lend kazazi

Lend Kazazi

iOS Lead Developer

fidan mjeku

Fidan Mjeku

UX/UI Designer

fjolla ahmetaj

Fjolla Ahmetaj

Product Owner

fatlinda fejzaj

Fatlinda Fejzaj

QA Engineer

muhamed zeneli

Muhamed Zeneli

Graphic Designer

trim muharremi

Trim Muharremi

Software Engineering

edona hajredinaj

Edona Hajredinaj

QA Engineer

Elrond Berisha

Elrond Berisha

SEO Specialist

bleart berisha

Bleart Berisha

Customer Support

Edison Luta

Edison Luta

Customer Support

shqipe bunjaku

Shqipe Bunjaku

PR Content Writer

hana ramadani

Hana Ramadani

Public Relations Specialist

donjeta bajraktari

Donjeta Bajraktari

ASO Lead

Our Mission

At dua.com, our mission goes beyond just facilitating romantic connections. We aim to forge deep connections, empower personal growth, and transform entire communities.

Our goal is to establish an inclusive space where individuals can unite without barriers or limitations, allowing them to become the best versions of themselves in the world of dating.

We firmly believe in the power of community and the incredible strength that arises from supporting one another on this romantic journey.

By bringing together fragmented communities worldwide, we strive to rebuild those vital connections with their home countries, fostering a profound sense of belonging and cultural identity within the dating experience.

With over 300 million people across the globe seeking a platform to bridge the dating gap, dua.com stands ready to fill that void.

Together, we are building the ultimate dating community, where free, confident, healthy, and conscious individuals thrive by supporting one another through a united and powerful bond.

Our Vision

At dua.com, we aspire to become the leading platform that transforms the way couples perceive and experience love, relationships, and personal growth.

We envision a world where couples are empowered to build strong, fulfilling partnerships that transcend societal expectations and thrive on authentic connection.

We strive to create a community where couples feel supported, inspired, and equipped with the tools to navigate the complexities of modern relationships.

Our vision extends beyond the dating phase, as we aim to be a trusted companion for couples throughout their journey, providing resources, guidance, and a supportive network.

We envision a future where couples embrace vulnerability, communicate openly, and continuously evolve together, resulting in deeper intimacy, greater personal fulfillment, and a positive ripple effect on their communities.

Our History

The story of dua.com began when Valon Asani, CEO of MIK Group, was determined to unite his community by addressing issues such as love and marriage.

With this objective in mind, he presented the idea of “AlbanianFriends.com” at the international start-up competition “Get in the Ring” and won the first prize in Kosovo.

Three years later, Valoni revisited the concept of “AlbanianFriends.com” and believed that he was now more than ready to focus on his vision and mission to help communities around the world reach their potential.

To achieve this goal, he together with Larklind Cerkezi founded dua.com – a website and a mobile application, that was oriented towards uniting communities all over the world through love and shared values. 

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