Terms and Conditions

Terms of any kind of disposition shall be based and completed in accordance with the enforced laws. If there will be a disagreement between this version in English language and other translated copies, the English version shall prevail.


  1. Please ensure reading dua AG’s terms and conditions before using our services. You must be at least 18 years of age to use dua AG’s service as our product offering is attributed to adults only.
  2. We shall not be liable and/or responsible for any content shared by users at dua AG as we do not have the capability to monitor each user interaction. In case your content or profile is violated, please reach out to us.
  3. In case you publish content that belongs or is a property of somebody else and they feel violated (or take a legal proceeding against you), we shall not be liable. Given that you have published the content, you shall take the full responsibility upon what you post.
  4. In case you feel concerned that your data will be used by dua AG, please read the Privacy Policy section. You will get all the answers you need in that section.

Full Legal Right

dua AG it is an application and social network designed as a forum for people to meet, a community for discussion and collaboration, an outlet for sharing news and information. Its main purpose is to create a community where each individual feels safe to share their content among other users. We aspire to create a community where individuals are able to make new friends and initiate meaningful connections with peers.
According to the terms and conditions, there is a mutual agreement between the user (you) and dua AG, headquartered in Str. Leutschenbachstrasse 95, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland, of (together with the mobile application and the relevant website, www.dua.com and/or “dua G”). dua AG is in cooperation with its founding company dua AG (a company founded in Switzerland, with its branch in Zürich).
Terms and conditions are applied whenever you use dua AG products and services, therefore please read them carefully before you decide to join our community.

1. dua AG website and application – other rules and regulations that are attributed to the “content” shared.

dua AG is a meeting place for adults. You can be registered as a member of dua AG only if have least 18 years of age (or the legal adult age in your country, if it is other than 18 years of age).

You have the right, authority, and capacity to share content in accordance to the terms and conditions while using dua AG product and services. However, you shall be held responsible in case you violate our terms. Moreover, you shall be eligible to use our services only if you are not ongoing any court or legal proceedings that are related to violations such as insults, violence, bad sexual behavior and harassment, and other violations.

1. What content am I allowed to post on dua AG website and application?

You are able to post any content, including images, messages, etc. However, you are not allowed to post content of the following nature:

  1. Offensive language or that can harass, bother, concern, alarm or disturb another person
  2. Pornographic or other nudity content that would endanger human dignity
  3. Content that promotes and encourages racism, sexism, defamatory and abusive behavior
  4. Content that encourages illegal activity, with no limitations, attributed to terrorism, race inciting or other prefixes
  5. Links to commercial activity (i.e. sales records, advertisements, contact details through email/phone)
  6. Content that contains spam through email or other mediums
  7. Content that contains any spyware, virus, corrupted image, programs and/or other codes with bad purpose designed to stop, damage or limit the functionality of dua AG’s product and services. Moreover, other materials designed to damage or obtain restricted data for personal use, violate our terms and conditions – and shall be deleted.
  8. Content and publications that violate third party rights (including, with no limitations, to intellectual and private rights)
  9. By itself, publication of which, violates other third party rights (including, with no limitations, intellectual and private rights); or
  10. Content attributed to another person without his/her consent

Overall, you shall use your judgement when deciding to publish/post your content through dua AG as you will be liable for your input/content you provide.

2. Are there any rules connected to my personal data for example with e-mail address?

You should not share any content pertaining to your personal / bank information in your profile page (“Profile”) such as home addresses or post codes, phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, credit/debit cards or other bank information. If you decide to publish personal information about yourself or others, you will be held liable in case of a breach of privacy. We encourage you to be careful when sharing your personal data with third parties on the internet.

3. What happens with other’s data, can I use them?

You can use the information shared by other uses at dua AG products and services if such action is aligned with out terms and conditions depicted above. Being said that, you cannot use someone else’s information for commercial use, to damage, harass or to commit illegal acts. dua AG retains the right to close your account, if you miss-use details and content on it.

4. Who can see the content I choose to put on dua AG?

When you publish content on dua AG, it can be seen by the general public. If you don’t want that content to be seen from others, then you can use private file. We retain the right (with no obligation) without noticing, to change or remove, limit or block for you, the access in any kind of content that you publish on dua AG with no accountability. We are not obligated to show whatever you publish on dua AG, nor to control truthfulness of your content that you post on dua AG, neither to monitor your use or other members use on dua AG.

2. Termination of use from our side

My profile is disabled and I cannot log in. What’s happening?
Sometimes users do not follow the terms & conditions effectively or they behave in a way that is inappropriate. If we believe that you violated our principles, we retain the right to disable your profile anytime with no obligation or necessity to pre-notice you nor to reimburse you for any unused service.

  1. We, dua AG, have the right to suspend or disable your registration and your right for access and/or use dua AG products and services
  2. We use advanced technology to pinpoint illegal behavior and have the right to block or limit any specific IP address.

Overall, we will try (we are not obliged) to inform you in case your access and use of dua AG profile has been suspended or will be terminated.

3. Termination of use from your side

If you are registered and used dua AG services, you can terminate your registration any time, by going to the control “Settings” on dua AG, and choose “Delete my account permanently”. For privacy reasons, we will terminate all deleted accounts, therefore, you cannot recover your account at a later stage. For further details, please refer to Privacy Policy. Overall, the content that you have uploaded or shared on dua AG will not be visible anymore after termination or cancellation of the account.

Last updated on 19th of October 2022.