Connect with your community: How to stay connected

connect with your community

Connect with your community: How to stay connected? If you are one of these people living abroad, we see you! To stay connected with your community may feel like a challenge, but trust me, there’s a lot you can do!

No matter what’s the reason you are living away from home. You can be a student, a refugee, maybe you got an excellent job offer, or you are the second or third generation born away from your origin country. It doesn’t matter. It is also ok to feel homesick. You can find your home whenever you are!

Find them online!

You go to stores, and you don’t see someone to connect with your community? You try to overhear if someone speaks your language, but there’s nothing? Jump online to find your people! is an application created for people just like you!  When you download the app and create a profile, you can find your people and connect with them., in the first place, is a matchmaking platform, but it’s also destined for friends and business! Give it a try now!

Lead a club or a group to stay connected with your community

It’s always easier to connect with someone with whom you share beliefs and values. In this case, the culture, the tradition, and the language. When you find friends from your community, try to create a club. It can be a book club, sports club, gaming club, or walking club. Current events offer ways to build common ground, stay mentally active, and take other perspectives. Leading an activity also gives us a chance to develop organizing and hosting skills. And an extra benefit of safely conducted group activities is providing a way for members with limited mobility to feel connected and cared for.

Celebrate your national holidays together

Holidays bring people together. Also, holidays are usually full of emotions when you are away from home or your loved one.  That’s why you should find a way to gather with your people on a day like this. Use a group email chain to invite them to a park or other public space. You all can enjoy some traditional food and each-other company!

Gather a virtual volunteer group

Whether it’s making clothing or art to donate, writing thank-you notes on behalf of nonprofit organizations, or being a supportive listener for troubled youth, volunteering can both build and benefit communities with help and kindness. Just as importantly, volunteering with others includes creating strong connections and friendships, protecting against loneliness, and improving mental and even physical health. Not only that, the shared purpose of volunteering can help smooth out the awkwardness of meeting new people—making it easier to build a new community around a common goal.

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