Dating is broken: Can matchmaking apps fix it

dating is broken

You read that right. Dating is broken, but can matchmaking apps fix it? When we spoke in one of our articles about How has the marriage tradition evolved over time?, we mentioned that matchmaking was something of the past. However, recent trends are telling us a completely different story. Have you seen shows like Bridgeton or Marriage at First Sight? Of course you have. Everyone has.

A mediated match unites people who are seeking the same type of relationship, education, religion, and values, and may ease approaching obstacles. Accountability is increased via matchmakers.

Intermediation works best when accompanied with another classic courting feature. For example, early, open dialogue about values and long-term objectives.

Is there a dating app that matches this description?

Luckily, there is a solution. is the first among the matchmaking apps that’s going to help people find their soulmate. Soulmate? Yes. But how, you may ask? Let me explain.

You see, the usual dating filters in real life don’t help much, especially for those users who want specific things when they’re searching for a match. We mentioned above that matchmaking in the past helped bring people together in a more reliable way.

When it came to dating, in the past, matchmaking took on some accountability. This is what our app is going to do. Dating is broken.  will help users fill their compatibility boxes and succeed where most dating apps fail.

Dating is broken: Where do most dating apps fail?

Let me put it this way. Dating is broken. You download a dating app and then scroll endlessly to match with a person. You like that person only based on their physical appearance, and well, let’s say all works out and you match. Yay, sounds fun, right? Wrong. This is where everything might go downhill.

First things first, you can have a hard time starting a conversation or even sending a message. Why? Because you know practically nothing about this person.
Secondly, during your message exchanges, you notice huge differences but choose to give this person and yourself a second chance.

But let’s assume that, luckily, you went past this daunting stage and invited your match on a date. What happens next?

You are face to face with the girl or boy of your dreams, but they don’t speak your language. We don’t mean your native language per se. What we are talking about is a characteristic that connects both of you. Apart from physical attractiveness, that is absolutely a bonus; nothing connects you. So what happens? The date fails, and she or he never writes you back.

To sum up, many of us go on dates, pursue chemistry, and end up in bed or in relationships without ever evaluating whether our potential partners meet the most basic of compatibility checks. is going to fix the “normal dating apps” problem

This is where comes to the rescue. We have come up with the perfect solution, the Soulmate feature. What will this feature look like? Well, for starters, it will go deeper into connecting people through values that connect them, like:

  • Values
  • Origin
  • Language
  • Culture
  • Whatever connects them

Sounds pretty amazing, right? That’s because it is. The future of the matchmaking apps, like dua, are shaping today’s world when it comes to finding your perfect match. The majority of people want to choose a specific target group in which to look for their partner. They want to match with people with whom they can connect, not just swipe randomly and hope to find a match.

Maybe they would like to match with someone from their own ethnicity or with the same religion. Perhaps, someone wants to match with a cat worshiper or with someone who adores dogs. People might connect over their ideology or favourite sports. Why not? The possibilities are endless, and this will be a great conversation starter.





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