Engagement proposal: Dos and don'ts

Engagement proposal: Dos and don’ts

engagement proposal

An engagement proposal is a special moment in a relationship where one partner asks the other to marry them.

It is a declaration of love, commitment, and an invitation to spend the rest of their lives together.

The importance of an engagement proposal cannot be overstated.

It is a moment that will be remembered for a lifetime and sets the stage for the rest of the couple’s lives together.

The proposal marks the beginning of a new chapter in the relationship, and signifies the couple’s readiness to take their commitment to the next level.

In this text, we will explore the art of the engagement proposal.

We will discuss the planning and execution of a memorable proposal, with tips and ideas to help make the moment special and unforgettable.

Whether you are looking to propose in a grand and elaborate way, or simply want to make a meaningful and intimate gesture, this text will provide you with the guidance and inspiration you need to create the perfect engagement proposal.

22 ideas for an unforgettable engagement proposal

Following, you will find some ideas for an unforgettable engagement proposal:

  1. Art and Wine Night
    An Art and Wine Night has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. It is perfect for painting the question “Will you marry me?”.
  2. With a coffee cup
    Do you like to enjoy breakfast together? With a coffee mug, you can give your sweetheart a special surprise with the last sip of coffee.
  3. Photoshoot
    A photoshoot is a perfect excuse to propose while capturing it photographically. Give away the photo shoot best in advance, for example for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. So you have directly also great pictures of your engagement.
  4. Crossword puzzle
    With a little puzzle, you can make puzzle fans a special joy.
  5. A family proposal
    If your partner is an absolute family person, then you can invite the whole family to the engagement and make it directly an engagement party.
  6. Proposal with the common child
    If you already have children, you can ask your sweetheart the question “Mom, will you marry Dad?” with the baby’s bib.
  7. Hot air balloon ride
    Two lovers on a hot air balloon – A beautiful template for a marriage proposal. However, you should know beforehand if your sweetheart is afraid of heights. Alternatively, for your engagement, you can watch hundreds of hot air balloons during a dinner on the Cappadocia. With such a fairytale view, a marriage proposal can only be perfect.
  8. Fortune cookie
    To end a romantic dinner, you can drape a personalized fortune cookie. A brilliant idea!
  9. Helicopter flight
    With its beautiful view, a helicopter flight can also be a perfect option for a marriage proposal. Here, however, just as with the hot air balloon ride, make sure your sweetheart is free from giddiness beforehand.
  10. Scratch card
    A scratch card is not just any card! Behind the golden scratch field, you can hide the question of all questions.
  11. (Glam) Picnic
    This type of proposal is perfect if your sweetheart is a food lover. Organize a beautiful picnic for your engagement, the latest trend is glam picnics. These are even more beautiful and elaborately decorated, so they are perfect for such a wonderful occasion. Let’s be honest, who will answer “no” to the question “Will you marry me?” when he/she has just had their belly full of goodies?
  12. Planetarium
    Stars are absolutely magical, and whether in a planetarium or at night under the starry sky, they create a romantic atmosphere for a marriage proposal.
  13. In a surprise egg
    Does your sweetheart love chocolate? Then there are many marriage proposal ideas for this, but if you are particularly clever, you can provide a surprise egg with a very personal message and the question, “Will you marry me?”.
  14. Diving
    If you and your sweetheart like to dive, how about proposing underwater? Just make sure that the ring is well secured and you don’t lose it.
  15. With a puzzle
    A puzzle is quickly solved and provided with a very personal question. A creative idea for an unusual marriage proposal!
  16. While skiing
    For avid skiers, there is probably no more beautiful situation than getting an engagement proposal on the slopes during a sunset.
  17. A trip to the vineyards
    On a wine hike, you’ll enjoy delicious wine, idyllic tranquility and a gorgeous view. Perfect for people who don’t like to be the center of attention and are connoisseurs.
  18. With a special chocolate bar
    You can perfectly drape this bar in its special packaging in a gift box. A creative idea that is sure to go down well with those with a sweet tooth!
  19. With a pet 
    If you have an animal companion in your life, include them in your proposal. An important tip here is to make sure that the ring for your partner is not eaten by your four-legged support.

3 classic ideas for an engagement proposal

  1. Restaurant: Take your partner to their favorite restaurant or a new restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. Coordinate with the restaurant staff to have a special message or the ring hidden in dessert or a drink. When the dessert arrives, get down on one knee and ask the question.
  2. Vacation: Plan a romantic getaway to a beautiful location and propose during a special moment on the trip, like watching the sunset or taking a scenic hike. You could also arrange for a romantic dinner or a couples’ spa day and propose during the special occasion.
  3. Holidays: Take advantage of a holiday, like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, to propose. Decorate your home with candles and rose petals, and have a special gift waiting for your partner. You could also propose during a holiday activity, like carving pumpkins or decorating the tree, to make the moment extra special.

Remember, the most important thing is to make the proposal meaningful and personal to you and your partner. These classic ideas are great starting points, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box and create a unique proposal that reflects your relationship and personalities.

We advise against this…

While there is no right or wrong way to propose, there are some engagement proposal ideas that we advise against. Here are a few examples:

  1. Sitting at home: While proposing at home may seem like a comfortable and intimate option, it can seem uninspired and lacking effort. Instead, try to plan a special outing or activity that your partner will remember forever.
  2. At another wedding: While weddings can be romantic occasions, proposing during someone else’s special day can be seen as inconsiderate and may detract from their celebration. It’s best to choose a separate occasion to propose to your partner.
  3. Uni graduation: While graduation is a significant achievement, proposing at this time can be seen as opportunistic and may take away from the graduate’s moment in the spotlight. It’s best to choose a separate occasion to propose to your partner.
  4. Proposing in public without prior discussion: While some people may enjoy a public proposal, others may find it uncomfortable or embarrassing. It’s important to have a discussion with your partner beforehand to gauge their comfort level with a public proposal.
  5. Proposing in a crowded or noisy location: If you propose in a location where it’s difficult to hear or communicate, your partner may not fully appreciate the moment. Choose a location that is quiet and has a meaningful connection to your relationship.
  6. Proposing without a ring: While a ring is not necessary for a successful proposal, it’s a traditional and meaningful symbol of commitment. It’s best to have a ring, or a meaningful substitute, to give to your partner during the proposal.
  7. Proposing in a way that is insensitive to your partner’s feelings: Make sure to consider your partner’s personality, feelings, and preferences when planning your proposal. For example, if your partner is shy or reserved, they may not want a grand, public proposal.

What you should keep in mind

It’s important to keep a few key things in mind during the proposal process to ensure a successful and memorable moment. Here are a few tips:

Pay attention to the mood

It’s important to choose the right moment to propose.

Make sure your partner is in a good mood and open to the idea of getting engaged.

Avoid proposing during times of stress or conflict.

Look into the eyes and fall on one knee

When you’re proposing, make sure to maintain eye contact with your partner.

This will show them that you are sincere and committed to the proposal.

Additionally, it’s traditional to get down on one knee and genuflect when proposing, as a sign of respect and devotion.

Don’t drop the ring

The ring is an important part of the proposal, so make sure you have it secured before the proposal.

Practice carrying the ring with you and make sure it fits properly before the big moment.

If you’re nervous, take your time and carefully present the ring to your partner.

Remember, the proposal is a special moment in your relationship, so it’s important to take the time to plan and prepare for it. By keeping these tips in mind, you can increase the chances of creating a memorable and successful proposal.

Meaning of proposing on one knee – yes or no?

Proposing on one knee is a traditional and symbolic gesture that dates back to medieval times. It is considered a romantic and respectful way to propose marriage and is often associated with chivalry and honor.

While proposing on one knee is not mandatory, many couples still choose to include this gesture in their proposal as a way of showing their commitment and devotion to each other.

It is also a way of creating a special and memorable moment that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Ultimately, whether or not to propose on one knee is a personal choice and should be based on what feels right for you and your partner.

Some couples may find it to be an important and meaningful gesture, while others may prefer a more casual and relaxed approach.

It’s important to consider your partner’s feelings and preferences when making this decision.



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