How to compliment a guy

Hey, we get it – showering a guy with praise can be a bit intimidating. To be honest, not everyone knows how to compliment a guy. Maybe you’re worried that you’ll come across as too forward or that you don’t know what to say.

So, if you’re in the middle of this dilemma, fear not, my friend. In reality, complimenting a guy is a piece of cake when you know the tricks of the trade. Trust me, men love compliments just as much as women do! If you’re struggling to find the right words, relax! This guide will show you how to give the perfect compliment to the special man in your life.

Part 1

Be Specific

1.Be Specific

Want to know the secret to really wowing a guy with your compliments? It’s all about being specific, my dear friend. None of that generic “you look great” stuff. Nope, we’re going for the gold here. Take the time to notice the little things, and you’ll make his day.

For instance, instead of just saying “You look great,” why not kick it up a notch? Throw in some details, like how his new haircut really brings out those dreamy blue eyes of his. Or how about telling him how dashing he looks in that sharp suit of his? Trust me, he won’t forget that compliment anytime soon.

So, remember my wise and witty friend, to be specific when it comes to complimenting a guy. It’s the little details that truly make a big impact.

Part 2

Keep it Real

2.Keep it Real

Alright, ladies, let’s talk compliments. We all know that those fake, flattering words just don’t cut it. We’re talking about the genuine stuff here – the compliments that come straight from your heart.

So, how do you make sure your compliment sounds genuine? Well, first off, you gotta really think about what makes this guy special. Is it his incredible patience with people, even when the rest of the world seems impatient? Or maybe it’s his confidence, which is so contagious that it makes you feel like you can conquer the world too.

When you acknowledge these admirable traits, actions, or qualities you’ve noticed in him, it shows that you truly see and value him. And not only that, it actually encourages him to keep being awesome.

So, next time you want to compliment a guy, skip the flattery and go straight for the genuine stuff. Trust us, he’ll appreciate it and might even be inspired to keep being the amazing person he is.

Part 3

Don't compliment just surface-level stuff

3.Don't compliment just surface-level stuff

Well, while it might be ok to compliment a guy about his mouth-watering physique, it’s not always the best idea. Do you want to know what it is? Here it is: don’t just go for the surface-level stuff.

Sure, it’s cool to acknowledge his appearance, but let’s avoid being shallow or creepy, shall we? Stay away from commenting on his body parts or throwing around compliments about how smoking hot he is. Instead, focus on something a little more meaningful and flattering.

You could try saying something like, “Your smile is absolutely stunning, and it brightens up my entire day,” or “Your charisma is off the charts—it’s impossible for anyone not to be drawn to you.” Now, don’t get me wrong, complimenting physical features can still be totally okay, but it’s all about context and your relationship with the guy. Use them wisely, my friend.

Part 4

Compliment his behavior

4.Compliment his behavior

Instead of just focusing on his looks, why not try complimenting his behavior? Yep, you heard that right. Men love to be recognized for their positive actions or behaviors.

So next time he impresses you with the way he handled a situation, tell him, “You were really great with that! Seriously, props to you.” And if he’s an amazing listener, let him know, “You are such a good listener, and I appreciate that about you.”

It’s a surefire way to show him that you see and appreciate him for more than just his physical appearance. Trust me, he’ll be beaming with pride and gratitude!

Part 5

Compliment his skills or talents

5.Compliment his skills or talents

Men take pride in their skills and talents. This one is simple – just compliment his skills or talents! Every man loves to be appreciated for what he’s good at. Whether he’s a master chef or a woodworking wizard, make sure to acknowledge his awesomeness.

For example, you can say things like, “Wow, you’re a culinary genius! This meal is mind-blowing!” or “I’m blown away by your woodworking skills. Your attention to detail is off the charts!” Trust me, a little bit of praise goes a long way.

Part 6

Avoid backhanded compliments

6.Avoid backhanded compliments

We know complimenting a guy can be a tricky business, especially when you’re faced with the tempting trap of backhanded compliments.

What’s a backhanded compliment, you ask? It’s like when someone says something nice, but there’s a sneaky insult hidden in there too. Sneaky, right? Well, it turns out that these types of compliments can actually damage your relationship with a guy and make him feel totally insulted and unappreciated.

So, instead of saying something like, “You’re handsome, but I think you look better when you shave,” try focusing on the positives without the side of shade. Trust me, it’ll do wonders for your compliment game.

Part 7

Compliment his sexuality

6.Compliment his sexuality

Men are very particular about this part. If the both of you had a great time, then it’s perfectly normal to compliment him. If you don’t know how to compliment a guy in bed after both of you had the time of your life, don’t do it. Wait a few hours, and send him a hot text telling him you’re still thinking about him. Get specific and tell him what you liked. He will absolutely feel ecstatic, I can guarantee you that.

Part 8

Use humor

7.Use humor

Cracking the guy-complimenting code? Look no further than humor! Yep, a little laughter can work wonders when showering a guy with praise. The trick is to find something worth commenting on and spin it into a playful compliment.

Picture this: “You’ve got killer music taste, except for that one guilty pleasure song you always blast!”

And here’s another gem: kick off your compliment with a joke like, “I swear, I need to start showing up after you. That way, I can compliment you before you’ve even glanced in the mirror!” Trust us, he’ll remember your wit and have a blast with your compliment.

Part 9

Be Confident and Assertive

8. Be Confident and Assertive

The best way to flatter a guy is to be bold and brazen. Confidence is hot, and it works both ways. Don’t be shy to take the reins and shower a guy with compliments first.

Guys dig gals who know what they’re after and go for it. No need to wait for him to make the first move; if you’ve got something nice to say, let it out.

Be assertive with your words and show him you’re serious. You might say, “I’ve been dying to tell you that you’ve got killer taste in music,” or “I can’t help but notice how incredibly kind you are, it’s totally captivating.” A confident and assertive lady always turns heads.

Part 10

Follow up with Actions

9. Follow up with Actions

Let’s talk about how to amp up your game when it comes to complimenting your guy. Now, don’t get us wrong – compliments are great and all, but actions? Well, they speak volumes. So, if you really want your man to feel appreciated and adored, it’s time to back up those sweet words with some serious action.

Here’s the scoop: surprise him with his absolute favorite snack, take him out to catch his beloved team in action, or whip up a mouthwatering meal that’ll knock his socks off. These little gestures show that you genuinely care about his happiness and well-being, and it proves that you’re willing to go above and beyond for him.

No more empty words, ladies. Show him the love he deserves by showing him just how much he means to you. Trust us, the results will be absolutely priceless.

Don’t you dare neglect romance in your relationship! Let’s amp up the love game and show your partner some serious TLC. How? Simple! Just carve out some precious time each week to plan enchanting activities, unforgettable dates, and swoon-worthy romantic gestures. And guess what? Sprinkle in a few surprises here and there to remind them just how cherished they truly are. Trust me, this little dose of romance will keep that spark alive and burning bright!


Complimenting a guy can be a game-changer! It’s like sprinkling fairy dust that lights up his world, boosts his spirits, and strengthens your bond with him. But let’s not just throw out generic compliments like confetti. We need to be specific, genuine, and aware of the situation.

Because, trust me, a well-timed compliment has the power to make someone’s day and maybe even change the entire trajectory of their life. Speak your mind with confidence and follow it up with action. Treat your guy like a king, and he’ll shower you with compliments in return. It’s a win-win situation, folks!

Complimenting a guy is as easy as sliding into a pair of comfy shoes. Whether it’s his dashing looks or his impressive skills, the secret of a good compliment is to be real, specific, and positive. Even the tiniest compliment can leave a lasting impact, so let your confidence shine and sprinkle some playfulness into the mix.

Guys deserve compliments just as much as anyone else, and we’re here to inspire you to spread some joy. Whether it’s complimenting their talents, fashion sense, personality, brains, or sense of humor, expressing appreciation can truly make a difference. Armed with these handy tips, go out there and let your man know just how much you appreciate him. Trust me, he’ll feel like the luckiest guy in the world!