European Love Index 2023

A research study analysing 1,033,080 Google search queries across Europe was conducted to create the European Love Index. The study focused on 46 European countries to find the ones that believe in ‘Love at First Sight’ the most. 

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European Love Index Infographic

The study analysed over 1 million search queries across 46 European countries.

Love Index Ranking

Slovenia is the European country with the highest number of love at first sight related searches per capita, followed by Romania and Spain. 
Following closely behind Spain, Russia takes the fourth spot in the belief of love at first sight. Moving further down the list of countries with a strong belief in love at first sight, we find Sweden securing the fifth position.


Interestingly, the study also revealed a shared belief in love at first sight among both highly developed and less developed European countries.  Luxembourg, Europe’s richest country, ranks 30th in belief for this type of love. While Ukraine on the other hand, with the lowest GDP per capita, comes in 33rd place. This raises the question of how much influence money really has on love.

RankingCountriesYearly Search VolumePopulationSearches per Capita
1🇸🇮 Slovenia864021000000.0041
2🇷🇴 Romania64,800190000000.0034
3🇪🇸 Spain118,800474000000.0025
4🇷🇺 Russia325,2001443000000.0023
5🇸🇪 Sweden15600105000000.0015
6🇬🇧 United Kingdom97200676000000.0014
7🇵🇱 Poland52,800380000000.0014
8🇮🇹 Italy79200589000000.0013
9🇭🇺 Hungary1200097000000.0012
10🇩🇰 Denmark708059000000.0012
11🇮🇸 Iceland4804000000.0012
12🇩🇪 Germany97,200833000000.0012
13🇳🇱 Netherlands19200177000000.0011
14🇦🇹 Austria864090000000.0010
15🇧🇬 Bulgaria576068000000.0008
16🇨🇭 Switzerland708088000000.0008
17🇹🇷 Turkey64800846000000.0008
18🇳🇴 Norway384054000000.0007
19🇨🇿 Czech Republic7080105000000.0007
20🇭🇷 Croatia252038000001.0000
21🇲🇪 Montenegro3606000000.0006
22🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina168034000000.0005
23🇫🇮 Finnland252056000000.0005
24🇧🇪 Belgium3840116000000.0003
25🇵🇹 Portugal3120103000000.0003
26🇪🇪 Estonia36013000000.0003
27🇷🇸 Serbia168068000000.0002
28🇫🇷 France15600658000000.0002
29🇸🇰 Slovakia108054000000.0002
30🇱🇺 Luxembourg1207000000.0002
31🇲🇩 Moldova60035000000.0002
32🇱🇹 Lithuania36028000000.0001
33🇺🇦 Ukraine3840410000000.0001
34🇮🇪 IrelandNo data5100000No data
35🇦🇩 AndorraNo data80000No data
36🇱🇻 LatviaNo data1900000No data
37🇬🇷 GreeceNo data10600000No data
38🇲🇰 North MacedoniaNo data1800000No data
39🇱🇮 LiechtensteinNo data40000No data
40🇸🇲 San MarinoNo data30000No data
41🇦🇱 AlbaniaNo data2800000No data
42🇧🇾 BelarusNo data5400000No data
43🇽🇰 KosovoNo data1800000No data
44🇲🇨 MonacoNo data40000No data
45🇻🇦 VatikanNo data800No data
46🇲🇹 MaltaNo data500000No data

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