Too shy to date – Here are some tips for you!

Too shy to date

Too shy to date? Most of us have heard someone close to us say, I’m shy when I go on dates. Have you always been shy if you are one of these people? Do you feel shy around your family and friends?

Most people regard shyness as a positive trait, but it can be a major hindrance when it comes to dating. But everything isn’t black and white! There are, as always, solutions. This is the main question that we will attempt to answer.

What should I do if I’m too shy to date?

In this case, the best answer is to prepare for that date! If you like a person when you are texting, shyness is not a reason to decline the invitation. Don’t say I am shy on dates. Give it a try!

Simply work on yourself.

Calm down and mentally prepare for that date. Consider everything you know about that person and why you want to meet them. This will help you to focus on your date and not in your shyness.

Choose a meeting place where you feel comfortable.

If you are allowed to choose where you’ll meet, then, by all means, choose an environment where you feel good and familiar. For example, your favorite cafe, your favorite park, or your favorite restaurant. Where you feel most comfortable.

Don’t stress about your appearance.

Wear a pair of clothes you’ve worn before that boost your confidence. This way you will be more comfortable because you know how they fit you and you will not worry too much about your appearance.

Prepare some topics to talk about

To avoid catching the other person by surprise, prepare some topics you can talk about. For example, hobby, profession, or favorite music. Also, think of some cute questions you want to ask your date.

Why do some people shy away from dating?

If you’re a naturally shy person or know someone shy, understand that dating can seem intimidating for several reasons:

1) Because it’s a one-on-one activity, which can leave you feeling pressured to carry out the conversation. Be afraid, don’t be speechless.

2) It can lead to a discussion of personal topics, which can be disturbing for many shy people.

3) You may worry that the person you are dating is forming a bad opinion of you.

4) You think you are incapable of having a good and fun conversation, so you are afraid that person will get bored.

All of these reasons can make dating a daunting prospect for someone shy.

Get out of your comfort zone!

Like in movies, talking to new people can be challenging for shy people. But it can seem impossible if you’re shy and trying to date! However, rest assured that this is not the case. Shyness doesn’t always make dating uncomfortable. Think of shyness not as a fact, not as Just the way I am – but as something that can diminish over time concerning that person.

In the short term, avoiding the meeting may seem like a huge relief. However, in the long run, continued avoidance can lead to unhappy love life and loneliness, depression, and negative self-esteem. So don’t do this to yourself!

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