Albanian to English, four of the most romantic expressions.

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Albanian to English: Four of the most romantic expressions. You might think that Albanians are probably not the romantic types, and most of them come off as too stern. However, we guarantee that this is not the case and Albanians are quite romantic.

That’s why today we are going to help you, as a foreigner, catch the heart of an Albanian female or male. We will translate from Albanian to English four of the most romantic expressions used by them.

Për mua ishte dashuri me shikim të parë – For me, it was love at first sight

The majority of relationships get stronger over time, but sometimes all it takes is a single moment to realize you’re in love. With love at first sight, the attraction happens right away. Perhaps it’s due to the way they appear, or the way they speak, or the way they smile. Whatever it is, you know you’re captivated and will go to any lengths to learn more about this person. 

Although this may be an outdated method of showing your love, it still works!

Ti je qëndra e botës sime – You are the center of my world – Albanian to English

When a person becomes an essential part of your daily life, and your decisions and considerations include them, they start to “become the center of their world.” When you tell someone that, it means having them in your life has had a positive and meaningful impact.

It could also mean that they’re the reason why you wake up with a smile in the morning, why you are able to get through your struggles, and why you can sleep peacefully at night. Saying this phrase lets them know how truly important they are.

Ti je shpirti im binjak – You’re my soulmate

In a world where there are 7 billion people, what are the odds of finding someone who compliments your personality, understands your thoughts, and enjoys the same things as you? In Albanian just like in English, a “soul mate” refers to a person who is your perfect match in every way possible. It’s a rare treat of course, but when it happens between two people it’s the best thing ever.

Po bie kokë e këmbë në dashuri me ty – I’m falling head over heels in love with you

Nothing is more romantic than realizing that you have strong feelings for someone and that you’re ready to let them know. Exposing your real emotions can be scary – what if they don’t feel the same? What if they reject me? This is a difficult sentence to say both in Albanian and in English. That’s why saying this phrase for the first time is a big move. If your partner loves you as much as you love them, hearing these words will bring both of you to a new place in your relationship.

These are just four expressions from Albanian to English, but if you dear reader would like to know more, just let us know and send us an email. We would be happy to oblige you with new content regarding romantic expressions from Albanian to English.



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