Couples on Social Media

couples on social media

Couples on Social Media, Whether we accept it or not, social media has an important role in couples relationships. We see couples on social media all the time. When you scroll on your social media homepage you see dozens of couples pictures where you like or comment.

Have you ever wondered how the profiles of some couples differ from others? We believe that you too have been mindful of the way you present your relationship on social media. Below we’ll mention some types of couples that we all see on social media. We are convinced that somewhere you will find yourself!

The inseparable

We will start with couples who post a lot of pictures together. Photos on Facebook, Instagram, or stories on Snapchat and other social media. Most of the time they post the same photos on both their profiles. Usually, these are the ones who dedicate the most love messages to each other publicly. In these cases, everyone notices when they stop posting their photos because usually they are so active!

The reserved ones

We all know couples that we are 100% certain that they are together but are very reserved with their posts on social media. We can find some pictures that prove that they are together but never a lot of posts.  No one has a lot of information about them. They share neither their dramas nor their emotions publicly with others. They preserve their personal life even though they are known to be together for a long time.

The travel buddies

On social media, we also see couples who travel all the time. The travel buddies who enjoy traveling together. Those lovely couples, who with their love panoramas send us to the places that they go and visit. Each of their trips, even a short weekend, takes place in their profiles. There can be couples who spend a lot and have luxury trips or even people who like camping and have spontaneous trips. We all know where they are going and how they are going!

The Socially Silent Couple

You know people that are together but you find no trace of their relationship on social media. We are symbolically calling these The Socially Silent Couple. The couples who have managed to maintain their privacy totally. They have done this by choosing not to post on social media even a trace that they are together. This does not include couples who have just started a relationship and are not yet in the social media phase.

The One-Sided Social Relationship

In the end, we want to mention those couples where we notice that only one of the partners is active. Of course, we are always talking about social media. I believe it might happen that we only see the boyfriend or the girlfriend posting. But we do not see the same from the other partner. One-sided are the photos and sometimes even the comments and likes. We see the whole love story only from one side of the couple.

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