Relationship Boundaries You Need to Set in 2022

relationship boundaries

Relationship boundaries are important to both parties involved. Without boundaries, one person can easily take advantage of the other, and a relationship can quickly become toxic.

Although we assume that in a relationship everything should be shared, it’s important to keep a few things to yourself. These can be things like your hopes and dreams or your fears and insecurities. Sharing everything with your partner can make you feel overexposed and vulnerable, so it’s important to reserve some parts for yourself. That’s why we need relationship boundaries as we need love and communication.

Here are 6 relationship boundaries you need to set in your relationship: emotional, physical, financial, time, and communication.

Physical Boundaries

Physical boundaries are important in any relationship, but they’re especially important in romantic relationships. Personal space is key. You should both have your own space that you can retreat to when needed. Additionally, it’s important to be mindful of the amount of physical contact you have with each other. Touch can be incredibly intimate and should be reserved for occasions when both parties are comfortable with it. Another key physical boundary is privacy. You should both respect each other’s privacy and not snoop through each other’s phones, emails, or social media accounts. This goes for both parties. Don’t assume that just because you’re in a relationship, you have the right to invade your partner’s privacy!

Emotional Boundaries

It’s important to set emotional boundaries in a relationship so that you don’t get overwhelmed or taken advantage of. You should feel comfortable sharing your feelings with your partner, but you also need to respect each other’s space and privacy.

It’s okay to need some time to process your feelings after an argument. You don’t need to respond to your partner’s messages immediately, and you don’t need to explain yourself every time you want some space. Just be sure to communicate with your partner about why you need some time, and try to be respectful of their time as well. Relationship boundaries, like the emotional one, are a must for a relationship to function.

Material Boundaries

What’s important to decide is how you handle finances. It’s important to be transparent with your partner about how much money you make, how much debt you have, and what your spending habits are like. You should also agree on a budget and stick to it. If one person starts spending more money than the other person is comfortable with, it can cause tension in the relationship.

It’s also important to set relationship boundaries about how you share material possessions. You shouldn’t assume that just because you’re in a relationship, you have the right to borrow your partner’s belongings without asking first. Similarly, your partner shouldn’t borrow your belongings without asking. This goes for both big things and small things.

Mental Boundaries

Mental boundaries are just as important as emotional ones. They encompass your thoughts, values, and opinions. You can choose who can influence you and how. It’s important to be selective about the information you allow into your mind and to be mindful of the people who are allowed to influence you. Your partner should be one of those people, but they shouldn’t have a monopoly on your thoughts and opinions. You should also reserve the right to change your mind. Just because you agreed with your partner yesterday doesn’t mean you have to agree with them today.

Sexual Relationship Boundaries

Sexual boundaries are another important type of relationship boundary to set. They refer to your comfort with sexual activities: how, when, where, and with whom. You should feel comfortable communicating with your partner about your sexual boundaries, and you should both be willing to compromise in order to make each other happy. However, you should never feel pressured into doing something you’re not comfortable with. If you’re not comfortable with having sex in a certain location, speak up! Your partner should understand and respect your relationship boundaries.

Spiritual Relationship Boundaries

Spiritual, cultural, and religious boundaries are another important type of relationship boundaries to set in a relationship. They refer to your beliefs and cultural practises. You have a right to practice and act on those beliefs in a non-harmful way. This includes things like fasting, prayer, and wearing religious clothing. If your partner doesn’t share your religious beliefs, be respectful of their views and don’t try to force them to convert. Likewise, if your partner has different cultural practises than you, be understanding and respect their traditions.

Each type of boundary is important in order to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship. Emotional boundaries protect you from getting overwhelmed or taken advantage of by your partner. Material boundaries dictate how you handle finances and shared possessions. Mental boundaries help you to remain selective about the information you allow into your mind. Sexual boundaries ensure that both partners are comfortable with sexual activities. Spiritual and cultural boundaries reflect your beliefs and traditions. It is important to be transparent with your partner about all of these types of relationship boundaries and to be willing to compromise in order to make each other happy and maintain a healthy relationship.

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