Is smoking unsexy?

is smoking unsexy

New study reveals that smoking damages your love life.

  • In general, smokers receive 52.7% less matches than non-smokers.
  • The research offers unique insights into the impact smoking has on dating, providing a remarkable glimpse into how this habit impacts people’s love lives.
  • Surprisingly, non-smoking females receive in total 63.6% more matches than female smokers in online dating.

The link between Smoking and Love life

Have you ever dated a smoker? Or is smoking a dealbreaker for you?
Smokers or non-smokers, all have thoughts about having a smoker partner.

A recent study by has uncovered interesting facts between smoking and dating, shedding light into how our habits may shape our love life as well.

Users of the dating app can state in their profile if they are smokers, non-smokers, or occasional smokers.

The analysis of over 460,000 users within the app revealed insightful patterns related to smoking behavior.

Is smoking unsexy?

For instance, smokers may have difficulty finding partners due to the fact that non-smokers appear to be more desired by potential matches. Specifically, non-smoking users received substantially higher match rates than their smoking peers (111.4%).

‘’Whilst obviously people aren’t permanently a smoker in many cases and some people can see past this – it does clearly influence a person’s decision to date you.’’ – said Sarah Benny, the author of ‘The Simple Life’.

The study’s results align with this statement, indicating a decrease in attractiveness towards smokers.

Interestingly, the study found that non-smoking females (63.6%) are preferred over smoking females, highlighting the significance of healthy habits when seeking a potential partner.

Similarly, the study found that the trend also applies to men, but to a lesser extent (48.4%) of users indicating a preference for non-smokers over their smoking counterparts.

Commenting on the findings, Eduard Luta – Spokesperson at – said:

“Although the findings confirm what many already assume, the statistics are still surprising, indicating that a healthy lifestyle not only enhances your wellbeing, but also has a positive impact on your love life.”

The research also analyzed the age group, which revealed that 18-24 year-olds are the most active smokers and their smoking habit has been associated with significantly lower dating success.

Smokers received 48% fewer matches compared to non-smoking peers in this age group.

The study’s results were particularly interesting as they showed that the older age group (25-34) had a higher percentage of non-smoking users.

This suggests that individuals in this age range are more likely to prioritise a healthier lifestyle and do better in dating.

So if you’re looking to improve your love life, perhaps it’s time to put down that cigarette and prioritise your health.


In a world where love is just a swipe away, the study has revealed that the smoking habit could be affecting the chances of a date.

The research found that smokers are at a disadvantage when it comes to online dating, receiving 52.7% fewer matches. The study’s most shocking discovery is that non-smoking females receive 63.6% more matches, highlighting the impact that healthy habits have on our love lives.

Data Deep Dive: The Methodology Behind the Study

The research included a total of 466,949 users within the application, thus analyzing the #smoker #sometimes smoker #nonsmoker tags information on their profiles. From this, the likes and matches received per user have been identified.
Additionally, the study examined the age groups of all users, to explore in this way any correlation between a user’s smoking habits and their success rate on the app.



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