Masterdating: Are Dating Apps Transforming The New Tik-Tok Dating Trend?


Finding love in the modern world has become more complicated than ever before, due to the fast paced nature of today’s lifestyle.

That is why, people are actively exploring unique paths to find meaningful connections and experience true love. And guess where the latest trends about these paths are emerging?  That’s right, on Tik-Tok.

The latest TikTok dating trend, known as Masterdating, has become a global sensation. This phenomenon is all about dating yourself – treating yourself to amazing experiences, gifts, and taking the time to know yourself in the process. 

However, just how curious are people about this trend?
A new finding from the dating app,, reveals that online searches for ‘Masterdating’ keyword exploded 1,275% in the latter stages of 2023, an unprecedented spike in the curiosity for the new dating trend.


Commenting on the findings, Valon Asani – the Relationship Expert from – said: 

It’s interesting to see how the need every human has to feel loved and appreciated can cause such a massive hike in online searches for Masterdating. This trend will most likely continue as more and more individuals realize that their own happiness lies within their own control. Discovering oneself is the greatest gift one can offer themselves and those around them.”

But, is it possible to truly get to know yourself through solo dates? Or could there be other ways as well?

Valon says yes, but there’s more. As the brain behind a dating app, he states how being a user of one can deepen your self-exploration. 

Although masterdating and dating apps may appear unrelated, he says that dating apps are actually impacting this phenomenon in various ways.

Swiping your way to self-discovery 

You may be wondering how dating apps could possibly transform a practice of solo dates when they’re all about the opposite. 

To begin with, they encourage self-reflection by asking users to define their desires and values when creating a profile. For instance, if someone mentions their passion for hiking on their profile, it not only attracts people with similar interests but also strengthens their own love for outdoor adventures.

Secondly, dating apps broaden horizons by introducing users to diverse people and experiences, sparking curiosity and inspiring new hobbies or visits to unique places on your own recommended by matches.

Lastly, rejection is an inevitable part of using dating apps, but it can actually lead to personal growth and resilience – aligning with the principles of masterdating. 

In, approximately 2 out of every 5 swipes end in rejection. It’s a bit disappointing, but it also teaches you that not everyone will be a good match for your companionship.

The above insights suggest that the process of truly knowing and taking care of yourself is not limited to going on solo dates alone!



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