Signs of a serious relationship

signs of a serious relationship

Signs of a serious relationship? How to understand that he wants you for a serious relationship? How do you know if he’s really interested? How do you know that he will be involved in the relationship as you would wish? Read below and we’ll tell you!

A man doesn’t deal with you just because you like him or you exchanged a few words in the bar, and he seemed polite. That means nothing! Kindness, politeness, a chit chat, and a smile are not signs of interest, nor do they indicate that someone wants to be involved in a relationship with you. Even when you have sexual relationship or when he asks you to have a night or two with him. These are not signs that he loves you. We are sorry! It is important to assess whether he wants a serious relationship only when you have decided that he is the right man for you. The question is how do you know if he wants a serious relationship? Here are the signs that indicate such a thing!

No misunderstandings, arguments, or obstacles

The first signs of a serious relationship of him with you is something that many underestimate! This happens usually when everything goes well and there are no doubts, misunderstandings or complications. Complicated relationships are the wrong one, always. A woman who doesn’t like romantic dramas at the first symptom of complications should break off the relationship. So it’s up to you to break the thread first. Complications = lost time + multiplication of problems. It is not a scientific formula, but it’s correct and indisputable.

Signs of a serious relationship You are exclusive to him

Another thing that shows that he wants a serious relationship with you is when he wants to be with you and only you. In short, you are exclusive to him. In a serious relationship, it is important to be clear that he will be exclusive to you and vice versa. This brings you to the previous point: “A relationship without lies, complications, and unnecessary drama”. What does this mean? Quite simply, in a serious relationship, the priority is you and only you! That means he will always make time for you.

Puts effort on the relationship

Yes! You read that right, puts effort. This means that he is active, or as it is said differently, he acts, fights, or does what’s needed for you and your relationship. He tries to meet you, to go out or even stay and spend a leisure day together with you. It’s not like he goes out with you only on his free time or when he happens to, and especially not just to sleep with you. One of his first thoughts in the morning should be how to deepen his relationship with you. So, he starts thinking about how he will build this relationship from scratch and work hard for it. If he is interested, he will put effort into it. Period!

He is not dependent on you

The fourth sign shows that when he wants a serious relationship, he is an independent person and does not depend on you for everything. He doesn’t see you or need you as his mother. There is no need for you to be there for him to eat, or sleep, or make laundry etc. When he doesn’t depend on you but helps you with everything, by sharing the burden, it means he has taken the relationship seriously. I guess we’re clear on that?! He wants to be with you because he loves you. He walks alongside you, sharing every emotion and experience equally. Because the relationship belongs to the both of you, not just one of you.

A sign of a serious relationship, he appreciates you

The latter shows that it is a serious relationship when he appreciates, admires, and encourages you. Without putting you on a pedestal, he encourages and supports you in everything that truly makes you happy. So, if you’re a balanced woman and you’ve set your sights on someone you really like and value, remember these signs. You will surely end up with a loving, kind and honest man. Trust us, there’s still out there ladies. In addition to his wish for a serious relationship, he also has a transparent and honest attitude. This is all.

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