What to wear on a first date guys

What to wear on a first date guys

What to wear on a first date guys? Knowing what to wear, not only on a date but in general, is a difficult task for men. A man who takes his first date seriously wants to make the best possible impression.

When it comes to impressing someone on a first date, it’s really hard to figure out what to wear. There are two possible mistakes you can make: one is underdressing and the other is overdressing.
The Golden Middle? Smart Casual. You need to look like you haven’t tried too hard, but at the same time, you shouldn’t look like you’ve neglected yourself.

Here are some tips on what to wear on a first date guys.

Never wear a suit and tie…

Yes, we know that wearing a suit looks great, but it’s the biggest mistake you can make. A suit and tie, especially if it’s an office shirt and tie combination, can make you look frozen and give the impression that you’ve just come from work. You’ll create the impression as if you’re so obsessed with your career that you haven’t taken any time for dating.

After all, the goal on date night is to have a great time, or at least look like you took the time to make a good impression. Do not overdo it with excessive, serious, and strict clothing. Be more relaxed in your clothes. After all, you went out on a date, not for a business meeting.

Flirt with a shirt and pants

A man who advocates a half-smart, half-casual shirt-and-pants outfit is a man worth a second date. Black or brown trousers, a printed shirt, and neutral colours are the perfect choice. Two things are essential: fit and protection of the garment.

Make sure there’s a slim and loose shirt on your body so that your physique and shoulders stand out. Choose a comfortable material like linen or cotton. A crisp, white shirt is a must. For something extra, add a sweater or an impressive jacket.

Denim and only denim: what to wear on a first date guys

A pair of jeans will always get you out of the mud. Choose a pair of jeans that fit you like dock pants. To be honest, skinny jeans don’t look very good on men. We’re not judging anyone, of course, but I guarantee you it doesn’t make a great first impression.

Denim is the ideal fabric: heavy enough to be called a trouser rather than a pair of trousers. A light and clean pair of jeans can last you a long summer, especially if you combine them with a cotton t-shirt. It doesn’t matter if the sleeves are short or long; it’s enough to match the colour with the jeans you’ve chosen.

Seal the first date in style

Don’t think we forgot to give you some shoe suggestions. What shoes should men wear? I believe you know that they are as important as all the clothes you have. For example, in the first casual-smart outfit, leather shoes are the ideal choice. As for jeans and t-shirts, semi-serious sneakers are perfect.

Look, leather shoes go with everything, and there’s no doubt about that. Leather shoes are like jeans. However, they scream for a combination with a casual or serious shirt.

When choosing shoes, first respect the dress codes and the place where you will go out for the first date. Stick with the overall aesthetic—matching your pants to the shoes—and then continue your date without breaking the bank.

Just a spritz of cologne or perfume

What perfume should men wear on a first date? I believe that everyone wants to be remembered for the right reasons on a date, right? Well, don’t be like those guys who drown in perfume and cologne on the first date. And then you wonder why you don’t hear from the girl again afterwards.

When choosing a perfume or cologne, go for flavours that resonate well with your body and get advice from perfumers. Spray some perfume in the air, and move. This way, the perfume doesn’t stick to your clothes. A little perfume under the ears and you are ready for the first date. Success!

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