Is love written in the stars?

Love Horoscope

Have you ever thought that the time, date, and place you were born could impact your love life?

Thanks to Astrology, it turns out that it actually does have an impact.

Astrology & Dating

Astrology is described as ‘the study of the movements and positions of the sun, moon, planets, and stars in the belief that they affect the character and lives of people.’

While as a subject, Astrology is more complex than that, the basics of Astrology have to do with the zodiac signs. These signs are determined by the position of the Sun at the time you were born.

There are 12 zodiac signs in total. Each sign is associated with specific dates and is believed to possess unique characteristics and traits.

zodiac signs

Although a zodiac sign doesn’t define everything about a person as a definition can limit the potential for change, it does provide insights into patterns and meaning in different aspects of our lives. 

For example, Virgos are known for being organized, but it’s not a universal trait. Their birth details determine their unique characteristics, including their love traits. 

Considering this, the question “Is love written in the stars?” arises.

Zodiac characteristics: What does the data show us?

Understanding your zodiac sign in the dating sphere can give you some clues about what kind of person you might be attracted to and how to bond with them.

In an effort to bridge the connection between astrology and the right match, the dating app conducted a comprehensive study analyzing more than 500,000 of its users.

The study used users’ birthdates to find out their Zodiac sign and analyzed how each sign behaves within the app.

This detailed study uncovered interesting findings, such as the app users’ personal information, smoking habits, tendencies towards parenthood, how desirable they were as individuals, and how well they matched with other zodiac signs.

The Data Scientist from, Monika Bunjaku, said:

“It was fascinating to see how users’ interactions and preferences aligned with Astrology. This study added another layer of understanding the user behavior within the app.”

The first thing that caught attention was that Cancers are very open to dating apps, making them the largest user group within the app (10.06%).

Considering the fact that Astrology recognizes Cancer as the sign that places the utmost importance on family connections, this was aligned perfectly with the core objective of – to create meaningful relationships and strong bonds.

When it comes to profile completion, Geminis are crushing it on the app, indicating a strong focus on detail and presentation when it comes to presenting themselves. Tauruses, on the other hand, have the lowest profile completion rate.

In regard to smoking, one out of every three users who used the smoking tag is actually a smoker upon closer examination. Aries (39.35%) takes the top spot among zodiac signs for smoking, followed by Leo and Libra, likely due to their impulsive and adventurous nature. Taurus and Virgo turned out to be the most health-aware signs, ranking the lowest.

When it comes to committed relationships, Scorpios are the zodiac sign most invested in serious relationships, with 64.00% of them using the #serious tag. This supports the belief that Scorpios are devoted and loyal in matters of love. Sagittarius is the adventure-seeking type, leading the #fun tag, whereas Pisces is the most friendly zodiac sign, leading the #friends tag.

 In terms of the desire to have children, Leo (12.55%), Aries (11.82%), and Capricorn (11.59%)  took the top positions on the list. This way implying that people who wish to start a family are particularly attracted to individuals born under these signs.

The Zodiacs everybody wishes for

No matter the sign though, in a world where each sign interacts and shows interest uniquely, with whom you would make the first move?   

Within the app, the initial interaction between users begins with a simple action called ‘Like’. To express interest in a profile on the app, users just need to hit the ‘like’ button.

When it comes to the big question of which zodiac signs are the most desired, the study found that Virgo females are the winner of the category. 

With the highest number of likes from males (9.23%), Virgo females turned out to be the most desired among the zodiac signs, followed by Leo (8.94%) and Cancer (8.93%).

If you ever thought that some guys just have a natural charm with women, most probably they are a Virgo, Libra, or Scorpio. According to data, these signs receive the highest percentage of likes, with Virgos and Libras both at 8.78% and Scorpios close behind at 8.75%.

Conversely, while Pisces may have ranked the lowest in terms of receiving likes across both genders, as shown in the table below, it is important to highlight that individuals belonging to the 45-54 age group of this sign were the most desired group age.

the crushing scale

In terms of actively engaging within the app, it was observed that Aries females took the lead in giving the most likes. On the flip side, male Virgos give the most likes, showing that hard work pays off. 

While checking who gave the least amount of likes, Cancer is least likely to hit the ‘like’ button, with only 7.41% of both genders doing so. This indicates they have a more reserved approach when showing interest, in line with their known personality traits as a sign. 

But what happens when Cancers or any other sign receives a like in return from the profile they liked?

The ultimate Zodiac sign matches

In, if two users mutually like each other’s profiles, a match is formed. 

This means that both people have shown interest in each other, opening up the chance for them to interact more and get to know each other better.

It turns out Virgo has the most matches on the app (8.91%). Sagittarius (8.89%) and Libra (8.75%) were close behind. Even though Sagittarius claims the top spot in Astrology, these findings confirm the outgoing and social characteristics of all three signs.

On the contrary, Cancer (8.01%), Aquarius (7.85%), and Pisces (7.65%) had the fewest matches. This could be due to their lower activity levels – as they give fewer likes, they receive fewer matches.

When looking at the general match combinations, Scorpio and Cancer are the ultimate match, with a power percentage of 10.60%.

Surprisingly, the least compatible match is Sagittarius and Taurus, scoring only 6.25%. This contradicts the idea that opposites attract, as Astrology suggests. Their contrasting traits might play a role, as Sagittarius is free-spirited, while Taurus values stability and a grounded approach to life.

After analyzing each gender separately, it turns out that these female signs are most compatible with:

  • Scorpio females with Cancer males (11.70%)
  • Aquarius females with Gemini males (10.90%)
  • Geminis females with Aries males (10.80%)
  • Sagittarius females with Leo males (10.30%) 
  • Pisces’ females with Virgo males (9.30%)

On the other hand, male signs are most compatible with: 

  • Cancer males with Cancer females (11.50%)
  • Scorpio males with Taurus females  (11%)
  • Leo males with Leo females  (10.50%)
  • Virgo males with Libra females (10%)
  • Capricorn males with Gemini females (9%)

The table below shows various sign combinations ranked from the highest compatibility to the lowest ones.

the match compatibility

If you’re already in a relationship, it might be interesting to compare your zodiac chart with your lover’s.

Psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed, Ph.D., says:

“Comparing your astrology chart with your lover’s is less about determining your fate and more about understanding your dynamic as a couple.”

Sometimes matches don’t work out and users end up regretting them. For instance, Libra women were quite selective – over half, (51.02%) of their matches ended up being deleted. On the other hand, Pisces men had the highest regret rate at 49.51%.

But, do the stars also reveal the ideal age difference for a perfect match?

Female Leos, known for their confident and adventurous nature, surprisingly displayed a preference for a larger age gap, with an average of 5.6 years. This suggests that Leos may be drawn to the wisdom and life experience that comes with a partner who is older. 

Male Tauruses on the other hand prefer younger partners, with an average age difference of 3.8 years younger. This may be due to their grounded nature and desire for stability.

Regardless of age, there are individuals who are naturally more sociable and others who are introverted.

The Zodiac Chatty Stars

So, how do different zodiac signs communicate with each other?

When a match is created on, the users have the opportunity to message each other. But, who is the one that breaks the ice and is more talkative?

When it comes to the most extroverted personalities, Aries females send the most messages (10.57%) within the app, showing their fearless nature. For males, Scorpios stand out (9.10%) as the most active conversationalists among all zodiac signs, supporting Astrology claims about their boldness.
Female Pisces emerged as the least interactive sign towards males, known for their reserved and introverted tendencies (6.20%). On the male side, Cancer showcased similar traits toward females, aligning with their inherent shyness (7.28%).

zodiac signs conversations

The results also showed changes in behavior throughout the years. For instance, younger Gemini females were initially hesitant to conversate, but over time, nearly 80% of them became more open and proactive in the dating app.

When it comes to Capricorn males, an interesting transformation in behavior becomes evident as they age. In their younger years, Capricorn males tend to be shy. However, as they mature, a substantial shift of 80.3% is seen, indicating that they become considerably more confident and talkative.

This change of behavior suggests that if you feel your Zodiac sign doesn’t completely reflect who you are, it could mean you may have not fully developed its traits yet.

Speaking of traits, in an attempt to not overwhelm the article, the analysis was kept concise. However, the table below offers the top traits for both genders of each sign when it comes to dating.

zodiac signs in dating


Astrologers emphasize that individual preferences and personalities can greatly vary due to the exact date you were born.

Therefore, Astrology serves as a general guide rather than an absolute determinant in matters of love and compatibility.

While astrology’s impact on personality remains unproven, the shown data in this study seems to align with substantial astrology assumptions, leaving us to wonder:
Should we let the stars guide our love lives?

Methodology is an Ethnic dating app that focuses on creating meaningful relationships and strong bonds.

With the aim of creating a link between astrology and finding the perfect match, has conducted a study by analyzing user data.

The study looked at over half a million app users, more specifically 517,939 users, to find out their birth dates and Zodiac signs.

Furthermore, various aspects were analyzed such as profile completion, smoking habits, and parenthood tendencies of all users.

Additionally, the database used for this study has included 28,338,015 likes and 1,925,676 matches in total, which revealed the desirability and compatibility between Zodiac signs.

In an important note, the study focused solely on analyzing the percentage of messages sent to measure interactivity between signs, ensuring that users’ privacy remained completely protected.



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