5 Stages of love - Why do most split on the third stage?

5 Stages of love – Why do most split on the third stage?

5 stages of love

5 Stages of love – Why do most split on the third stage? We all want real love, no matter our age and experiences. The stages of a relationship are the same in most love stories. In this article we’re going to talk about each stage. Continue reading to know why these stages of a relationship are important and how to reach the final stage.

If you thought that getting married is the final stage out of the five stages we’re going to talk about, you’re wrong. Many couples do get married though. However, most marriages nowadays break u,p and people don’t know why.

After separating from their partner, people start to think that they have made the wrong choice. This article is here exactly for this reason. To tell you that most marriages fail because they cannot pass the third stage! Succeed on this next stage and you’ll know true love. Below, read all 5 Stages of love that determine the progress of a relationship.

The moment you fall in love

From here originate all of the 5 stages of love. When you fall in love, you are actually being deceived by nature to choose a mate so that our species can continue! It’s a very beautiful and addictive feeling that releases a lot of happiness hormones.

When you fall in love, you project all your hopes and dreams onto your partner. In the early stages, these temporary feelings will make you imagine all kind of things. You will think that your partner will fulfill all of your desires. Or perhaps giving you everything you didn’t get as a child. But these kinds of expectations make a relationship fall and be destined to fail from the start.

This thing appears in the later stages of love. During this euphoric stage, we think and are convinced that we will always be in love with our partner. The first stage is like the calm before the storm before the breaking point. This next stage is the time couples create the best memories!

When you finally become a couple

As you and your partner enter the next stage of commitment, a deeper love develops. This is the second among the five relationship stages. This is when you both decide to marry each other and raise children together. Is an amazing period that can bring self-care, unity, joy – all while strong feelings of infatuation slowly ease away. It’s truly something to be cherished!

By being together, you can create a bond of mutual understanding and genuine affection. With this trusting connection in place, both parties will be able to feel secure and valued. This type of relationship promises ultimate happiness.

Too often, couples start to take their relationship for granted and think that they’ll be happily in love forever. However, reality can prove otherwise. If we don’t actively identify the relationship’s deficiencies before it’s too late, we will fail.

Disappointment in your relationship – 3rd of the five stages of love

Despite being often ignored, the third love crisis stage is a painfully real part of many relationships. What starts off as an idyllic romance can quickly transform into something far less pleasant. Small issues grow until couples find themselves facing problems that threaten their future together. It’s easy enough for the blissful honeymoon period to disappear in what feels like no time at all!

In the previous stage, we mentioned that relationships can be a beautiful journey of growth. However, on this love stage, they can also become prisoners if not nurtured. When couples reach this complex stage, they see their relationship differently. Hardship has started to take a toll on them both emotionally.

Feelings like anger and resentment seep in, finding themselves constantly exhausted by their dynamic. Partners start losing faith in each other as well as confidence in themselves. They start wondering if their relationship is really worth saving or not.

There is an old saying, “When you go through hell, do not stop.”

At this stage of life, you and your partner can discover the strength of your relationship. Though challenging at times, navigating through these growing pains leads to a greater blessing in the end!

Creating true and lasting love – One of the 5 stages of love

At the fourth stage of a relationship, couples face their toughest challenge yet. This is what I like to call ‘the critical crisis. If navigated successfully, this powerful moment can be used as an opportunity to deepen and strengthen your love. Together you can conquer any obstacle that lies ahead – it’s quite remarkable!

No matter the wounds we are carrying from our past, with patience and perseverance it is possible to create a real bond of love. According To ACE research, childhood traumas leave deep marks on us that can manifest in various facets of life. For example, body, emotions and relationships as well. So why not take steps toward healing now?

Participate in couples therapy, learn conflict management, power struggles, the release of negative energy, and more. There is nothing more fulfilling than being with a partner who sees and loves you for who you are. As you better understand and accept your partner, you will learn self-love as well.

We have finally reached fifth and final stage of our 5 stages of love

We have reached the pinnacle of love – a much-needed respite amidst an uncertain world. Racism and sexism are sadly still rampant throughout society. Yet there is hope. Even at this stage, we can come together with our partner as one. Embracing each other’s differences while discovering affirmative inner peace within ourselves. Something that will help us move forward into brighter days ahead!

With true love, anything is possible. Couples have the extraordinary power to work together and help make our world a better place for everyone. No matter what their differences may be. Love can break down boundaries between people who are far apart in many ways. Put this force and power to good use!



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