Charismatic People

Charismatic People

Charismatic People

Charismatic people immediately make us feel important and special. It’s enough for these people to enter the room, and everything else takes on a glow. We can’t always give a name to this feeling, but we understand that these types of people are charismatic by nature.

Fortunately, we can all be charismatic. Charisma is not about our level of success, or our presentation skills, or how we dress, or the image we project – charisma is about what we do. Here are some traits that distinguish charismatic people but that you can also make your own:

Listen more, talk less

Ask questions. Maintain eye-to-eye contact. Smile. Frown. Approve. Respond – do all this with your body language. This is all you need to show the other person that they are important. When you speak, don’t offer advice unless asked. Listening shows that you are more interested in knowing about those around you than you are about yourself. Speak only when you have something important to say.

Don’t practice selective listening

Some people – I guarantee you know some like this – don’t want to hear words or opinions from someone they consider inferior. Of course, you can talk to them, but it will be useless because they will not pay attention to you. Charismatic people listen closely to everyone. Regardless of the other person’s position, social status, or level, the person who is charismatic makes you feel like you have something in common with them.

Focus on the person in front of you

Don’t check your phone. Do not look at the computer monitor. Do not focus on anything else, even for a moment, but the individual you are talking to. You never get to connect with others if you are busy with other distractions. Give it your full attention. By giving them your attention, others will want to be around you.

Always give before you get – even when you know you’ll never get

Never think about what you can gain from others. Focus on what you can offer. Giving is the only way to create a true connection and relationship. Focus, and show them that the only person who really matters to you at that moment is the one you’re talking to.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

The only people who are impressed by your pomposity and arrogance are people with the same qualities. The rest won’t know and won’t even care. You are unfriendly and unpleasant. And honestly, you won’t see eye to eye when you enter the room.

Be open to learn from others

Even if you are convinced that you may know something more than someone else, remember that everyone’s experience counts. You don’t learn anything from yourself, only from others. Everyone, no matter who they are, knows things that you don’t. By not knowing what other people know, you allow yourself to see things from a different perspective.

Compliment others on their values

Nobody gets enough credit. No one. Tell people what they do well. Encourage the person you are facing by highlighting their values. Not only will people appreciate your praise, they’ll appreciate the fact that you care enough to pay attention to what they do.

Choose your words carefully

The words you use affect the attitude of others – and this later affects you. For example, it is not necessary to go to a meeting but meet each person personally. One day you meet someone, and the next day you talk to someone else. We all want to be associated with happy, enthusiastic, and fulfilled people. The approach you take and the words you choose can help other people feel better about themselves—and in turn, you’ll feel better about yourself.

Don’t discuss the failures of others

We all like to hear or gossip a little. The problem is when it turns into bullying or teasing a third person. Don’t laugh at other people. When you do something like this, people around you will wonder if you ever laugh at their expense as well.

Share your failures without embarrassment

Highly successful people often seem charismatic just because they are successful. The key word is seems. You don’t need to be incredibly successful to be charismatic. It is enough to be yourself, i.e., original, to be charismatic. Be humble. Share your ups and downs with others. Admit the mistakes you made and show how much they were worth as a lesson. And finally, laugh at yourself. People will like you more because they will understand that your charisma is real and not fake.



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