Make her think about you constantly

Make her think about you constantly

Make her think about you constantly, even when you’re not around. Whether during class, at work, or while she’s out with her friends, you want her to think about you all the time. Unfortunately, we can’t get inside her head – yet. But, there are ways to make her think about you constantly without resorting to telepathy.

Many seduction techniques and persuasion methods make her want to be your girlfriend. How does a girl fall for you? This article will give some simple and practical tips to achieve your goal!

How to make a girl fall for you?

What you have to keep in mind is that not every girl and woman is the same! It doesn’t mean they like or prefer the same things! Or that they fall in love in the same way. And especially, you should be careful, the moment she rejects you, you should not violate her privacy even more, but you should respect her decision!

Have a social life!

To be truly attractive, you must have a social life and work daily to improve it. When trying to make a girl fall for you, things don’t look in your favor, and you have a boring life. Now imagine if you have an exciting life full of projects, surely every girl would want to be a part of your life, right? That’s all it takes. Make your personal life enjoyable, and girls will flock to you.

Make the first Step

If you really want to stand out from the rest of the guys, start conversations with her instead of waiting for her to talk to you first. However, it is important to respect the other person’s feelings and boundaries and to approach them in a way that feels comfortable and genuine to you.

If you are interested in someone, it’s okay to take the initiative and start a conversation or ask them out, but be sure to listen to their response and respect their decision. Ultimately, the key to successful communication and relationships is mutual respect, honesty, and open communication. This will make her think about you constantly, even if you are not around.

Invest time in an exciting hobby or passion!

Here we have another super exciting suggestion that you will hardly find anywhere else online. Only passion will make you look more attractive. Plus, it adds more charisma to your character. Your hobby can be anything you want; just make sure it’s a real passion, not a fake one.

Seeing you being passionate about your hobbies will give the impression of a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in your life and make her think about you constantly.

Take care of your hygiene!

Ok, guys. Rule number to make her think about you constantly: Smell good! I’m not saying to smell like roses, but a clean smell is enough. Take a shower, apply deodorant, put on clean clothes, and you’re perfect. You don’t have to douse yourself in a pint of perfume as you did in high school. However, you can buy any good perfume and spray it two or three times at most. On yourself, not on your clothes.

Make her laugh!

This is fantastic advice! Maybe you think you don’t know how to tell a joke, but the truth is that everyone can make someone laugh if they try. Put yourself in different situations to learn how to make any girl laugh. Tell jokes or just joke at the moment. Girls like to laugh, and the more you make them laugh, the more they’ll like you.

A good sense of humor can indicate that you don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy having fun, which can be attractive to women.

Create a strong, friendly bond with her!

Before starting a relationship, you become her friend. Talk about her problems and listen to her. If you manage to socialize with the girl you like, you have started to know her better! In order not to stay in the friend zone, you should tell her that you want to have her by your side for the rest of your life. Not only as a friend but also as something more. However, the best relationships lay their foundations through friendship.

Tease her a little with cuteness without being annoying!

The best way to cross the friendship line is if you tease her a little. Teasing and flirting are two beautiful ways to create tension between you. Knowing how to tease a girl is difficult, especially for many inexperienced guys who don’t understand boundaries. So, ask your friends who know more about it.

Ask her about her feelings!

One of the essential things about girls is knowing how they feel. You can guess all you want, but you’ll never know her true feelings unless you ask her. Most girls are sincere if you ask them. What you will find is that they are often unsure of their feelings. Sometimes, when you are interested in her thoughts and feelings, you know that she will have a lot of affection for you. Girls feel more confident if a guy considers their thoughts and feelings.

Compliment her on things other than her appearance

Complimenting her on her appearance is easy, as it requires little effort. However, focusing on things other than her looks is more meaningful and heartfelt. Complimenting her on the things she values in herself – intelligence, wit, creativity, ambition – will make her feel seen and understood.

It shows your appreciation for who she is as an individual – something that is much rarer than just giving out compliments about physical beauty. Celebrating the qualities that make her unique will always mean more to someone than merely commenting on their eye color or hair length.

Make thoughtful plans

Throwing together dates can be fun once in a while, but it’s the thoughtful ones that really make her feel special. Taking the time to consider what will make her truly happy shows you care and have her best interests at heart. A thoughtful date may not have to be expensive or involve elaborate plans–just something meaningful for her that she’ll remember for a long time.

It could be as simple as preparing dinner together at home, writing down your favorite memories of the two of you, or taking a leisurely road trip she’s always wanted to do. Doing small things like this often leads to the bigger sorts of moments that bring relationships much closer.

How to make her think about you constantly through text

To make her think about you constantly through text, try to be thoughtful, playful, and engaging in your messages. Use emojis and ask questions to show interest in getting to know her better. Respond in a timely manner and avoid negative language. Remember not to come across as too pushy or desperate, and take it slow to build a connection over time.

Get creative with your texts, whether it is on a dating app, or social media and make sure they aren’t generic responses. Imagine they were spoken in person- and she’ll appreciate the extra effort!

Make sure you’re always the first one to text her back

Staying on top of text conversations is a key part of building healthy relationships. If you want your relationship to flourish, it’s important to make sure you’re always the first one to respond.
Showing that you’re interested and care is essential, so invest the time in staying engaged in your conversations.
Try to balance being available and not overwhelming her with overbearing messages.
Above all else, remember that responding quickly and frequently communicates respect for the other person because it shows them they are important to you.

3 awesome ways to make her think about you constantly via text

If you need some examples that will make her fall for you via text, we got you covered.
Below are our top picks:

Compliment her via text.

  • I enjoy our conversations so much. You have a great sense of humor that always makes me laugh!
  • I really admire your excellent taste. Would you mind giving me some advice on choosing a birthday present for my mother?

Keep the conversation going. Ask her something (try to avoid yes–no questions).

  • If you had the opportunity to live in any part of the world, where would you choose to?
  • What’s your favorite Friends’s character?
Get to know her personally.
  • What’s a happy moment from your childhood that you remember?
  • Where do you want to be in 5 years?


These tips and tricks only work if you are honest about them. Healthy relationships are built on mutual trust, respect, and genuine connection.

Try to be authentic and genuine in your conversations with the girl. Get to know her interests, values, and personality, and share your own in return. Respect her boundaries, and don’t pressure her into anything she’s uncomfortable with.

If there is a mutual attraction and connection, it will naturally develop over time through meaningful communication and shared experiences. But there is no guaranteed formula or set of tactics to “make a girl fall” for you.

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