Romantic things to say to your girlfriend

romantic things to say to your girlfriend

Read these 101 romantic things you should say to your girlfriend every chance, especially if you want to express your love for her. Love does not begin in the morning and end in the evening. It comes when you need it least and ends when you need it most. If you are going to tell your partner your feelings, make sure that you are in love and not just fascinated.

Researchers insist that girls like a man who compliments them on their beauty. This is because the esteem they have for themselves increased. Make her happy and show her that you love her. Don’t go overboard with too many words; just be direct about your feelings. Appreciate her sensitivity and, above all, her wit and character. If she says no, try teasing her a bit, but if she’s uncomfortable, learn to stop!

Things that make her happy

  • Sing her a love song.
  • Make a surprise with small gifts.
  • Create a photo album.
  • Kiss in front of friends.
  • Compliment her for her hair.
  • Don’t forget to compliment her on her outfit.


  • Show that it is beautiful.
  • Pick her up from work and go for lunch.
  • Tell her I  ‘love’ you more often.
  • Go shopping together.

All these things we kindly suggest to you. Meanwhile, when you are together, hug socially. Communicate by phone, talk by SMS, e-mails and use any social network to be in touch with each other. Don’t expect her alone to commit to the relationship. Check on her when she’s sick or call her on her birthday. Show her that you are interested in her, not only as a lover but also as a family member. For a girl, this gesture is a beautiful life. There is nothing nicer than a sincere compliment and a thoughtful gesture.

101 romantic things to say to your girlfriend

  • Every time I see your beautiful eyes, I fall in love with you from the beginning, like on the first day.
  • When I’m away from you, I’m only half the person I want to be.
  • I love how your hair slips through my fingers.
  • Heaven becomes real when I’m in your arms.

A thousand hearts are not enough to hold all the love I feel for you.

  • I don’t know what I would do without you in my life.
  • My knees snap every time you touch me.
  • I could spend eternity watching you sleep, and you’re so beautiful!
  • I could stay up all my life just to be the first to kiss you and say romantic things to you every morning.

You are the reason why this world is so beautiful.

  • Time will pass, and we will both grow old, but my love for you will never die.
  • I’ll be there for you when the stars don’t shine until the sky explodes and words no longer rhyme. I know you will remain in my soul and eternal life even when I die. Your heartbeat is the most beautiful sound.
  • I can only see you forever and still feel like I’m seeing you for the first time.
  • Your smile is enough, and all my boredom goes away immediately.
  • I love how you make me feel when you are in my arms and when I hug you.
  • We spent good and bad moments together. Sometimes I get angry, and we fight each other, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Fights have their good because, after every battle, we realize how much love we have.
  • Your sweet smile makes me feel like I’m in heaven.
  • I love the feel of your skin, the softness, and the smell of it.
  • I get lost in your eyes because they are so fascinating.
  • I think God was drunk when he created you because no one else comes close to your beauty.
  • My day starts by thinking about you and ends by seeing you in my dreams.
  • They say a picture says 1,000 words, but when I look at your picture, I only see three words:  I love you.

101 romantic things to keep in mind

  • You are my best friend, the arm I lean on, the only person I trust; you are the love of my life. You are everything to me!
  • A moment without you seems to last thousands of years.
  • You fill my life with memories I recall whenever you are not with me.
  • Every time I see you, I smile unconsciously. Nothing in this world matters more than a glance from you.
  • If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say, I love you.
  • Trust me; you have changed my world; nothing will ever be the same.
  • Your love has taught me how to dream even when I’m awake.
  • We are in sync with each other! No one understands me like you. I don’t care what people say, as long as I’m with you!

101 romantic things

  • Thanks to you, I realized how much love I have to give, and all this love belongs to you.
  • When I think of you, suddenly everything is fixed. The first moment we met, I knew we were made for each other, and I felt at home.
  • Whenever I think of you, and you are not there, I hug your pillow as if it were you and sleep and wake up with your scent.
  • I will never get tired of saying romantic things.
  • Last night I looked at the stars and counted with them every reason why I love you.
  • Every time I hear your voice, I feel like I’m listening to the most beautiful music in the world.
  • When you’re gone, I miss everything about you.
  • You are the reason why goodness exists in the world.
  • Your smile when you’re happy around thousands of other people makes me happy because I know I’m the only one you see when you need help. I don’t want anyone else to see you upset.

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