9 Online dating green flags

9 Online dating green flags

online dating green flags

How many online dating green flags do you need to see the bigger picture? Are you searching for signs that your online dating journey is headed in the right direction?

Fear not, we’re here to be your navigators through the intricate maze of virtual romance, helping you spot those elusive green flags with the finesse of a dating detective.

In this article, we will cover all the signs that indicate you’re in for a good time with your next match! The first online dating green flag is having good communication.

This is what it’s like looking out for green flags in talking stage, but before we go there, we will cover some basics.

9 Online dating green flags

Since I am a girl, I would like to write about some online dating green flags in a guy. So, if you’re looking for green flags in a girl this is not the article for you. (You can still read it though.)

For example, what should you look out for? What is considered an online dating green flag?

Starting with an example. After you have matched, liked his profile, and all that, look at how you two exchange messages with one another.

If your potential date responds to your messages promptly and appropriately, then you can assume they are also interested in taking things further.

Good communication also means being honest with each other about goals and expectations.

Also, look for those who take the time to write something in their profile that reflects their personality.

This little extra effort shows they are serious about finding a match and not just casually swiping through profiles.

Bonus points if they mention a shared interest between the two of you!

Below I will list some online dating green flags that guarantee that things will go well between you and your match.

online dating green flags

A full profile with the correct age

He uses his pictures and his age, and he has a bio that will tell you about himself.

No one-word answers and no generic bios—a real man puts time into his profile.

Or if you have the chance to match and FaceTime/video chat, he’s not afraid to show you his face.

Also, talking with you in real-time instead of just messaging back and forth all day is without a doubt online dating green flags.

That’s a sure sign that he wants to get to know you beyond a screen.

Respectful behavior

He respects your boundaries and is mindful of what’s appropriate to talk about in an online dating context.

He doesn’t talk about sex or other controversial topics right away but rather takes the time to get to know you first.

This is so important, especially for people who want to create meaningful connections first.

Finding someone who respects you for who you are can be hard, but those who are raised right, know how to do it.

Consistent communication

He responds within a decent timeframe that is in line with his profile description.

He doesn’t leave you hanging or take days to answer a simple question.

There are no hot and cold answers, but usually, he replies with genuine interest.

He seems genuinely interested in getting to know you and your life—he asks questions about your likes, dislikes, family, etc., and follows up on them as the conversation progresses.

He is interested in meeting up

If he is serious about dating, online dating’s green flags to look for are when he proposes a decent time and a good place for an actual date.

(So: not at home, no focus on alcohol, or weird places.)

This shows you he is not afraid of getting to know you face-to-face, and that’s a sign of real interest.

If he takes extra care to meet you up and chooses a public place with a lot of people, that shows that he cares about your worries.

I mean, that’s a real gentleman right there.


You and he have some shared interests and beliefs in your profiles.

This could improve the chances of being compatible.

Compatibility can help lead to a long-term, successful relationship.

If he has sent you a request to match and both of you have a well-polished profile where you match many interests that are considered great online dating green flags, take my word for it.

A picture is worth a thousand words

He displays pictures that have been taken in the recent past—no more than three years ago.

That will give you an idea of what he looks like right now.

Also, the quality of his photos should be decent enough to tell if he takes care of himself.

A man who takes care of himself is sure to bring a lot of positive things in a relationship so this is something worth considering.

He read your profile

He asks you questions that are based on your profile.

This shows he took the time to learn about you and is genuinely interested in getting to know who you are.

That might also mean that he didn’t just match with you for your face or just because he liked your photo.

Taking a genuine interest in someone that goes beyond their face it’s rare nowadays.

He is open about himself too

No vague answers or attempts to hide anything. He is open and honest about his life, beliefs, and intentions.

That shows that he wants to build trust with you and be in an authentic relationship.

For example, if you ask him what is his job, or about his academics he shouldn’t be ashamed of himself. That’s a huge plus.

Honest intentions

He tells you what he’s looking for, whether it’s a serious relationship or something more casual.

Look, I know that some people think about dating apps as a place where you can find a quick partner.

But there are some good men out there who look for a serious and meaningful relationship.

When you meet a man who is not afraid to tell you what he’s looking for, that’s something positive.

That means he respects your time and wants to make sure that the relationship can develop over time.

Having these online dating green flags in an online dating scenario is a sign that he could be the right one for you.

If you see these signs in an online dating context, chances are he’s the real deal! So go ahead—give it a chance! With the right person, you never know where it might go. Good luck!

Happy dating! 💕



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