Food in Albania – You should try these delicious dishes

Food in Albania

Food in Albania is delicious! Bukë, krip e zemër or Bread, salt, and heart. Albanians usually invite guests to the table with these words

Albanian tradition dictates that the guest should be best received. However, with the change in the dynamics of life, Albanian cuisine has also changed. Fast, new foods have entered our kitchens.

Food in Albania is diverse and special. Vegetables, spices, roast meat, but also pies. You can taste all these foods in Albanian lands. If you are Albanian, perhaps, you miss some of the foods we once had on the table. Or you have a foreign guest to whom you want to serve a traditional lunch. For this reason, we remind you of some foods you probably miss. Or, if you are not Albanian, these are some Albanian Foods suggestions you should try!


Undoubtedly, flija is one of the best foods for Albanians. When the Albanians want to honor the guest, they have, except meat, they also serve fli. However, we are not the only ones who cook it. We also find it on the Turkish table. In this specialty, the cooking procedure should be highly appreciated. Although the ingredients are simple: milk, salt, water, butter, and cream, baking is more complicated. The parallel lines which have to be baked in turn, in the best case with wood in the saç, take a lot of time. Anyway, it’s worth all the effort, especially when the smell of Fli invades the house!

Stuffed Peppers

Albanians undoubtedly prefer this recipe as a combination of meat and peppers. Especially during the summer season, when it is also the pepper season. It is one of the oldest and most delicious dishes of traditional Albanian cuisine. Fantastic to taste and very simple to prepare at home. Minced meat, peppers, rice, and spices are some of the main elements of this recipe. A similar dish that is prepared with almost the same filling is the stuffed eggplants, where the rice is replaced with the cut pieces of eggplant.


From the many types of pies, in this article, we chose to present Perpeq. Not only because it is easier to cook than Flija, but also because it is very tasty. It is prepared with grated cheese, eggs, cream, and butter. A single large dumpling is selected and placed on a baking tray where the prepared mixture is poured. Some jokingly even call it Albanian pizza! It is more than delicious. We advise you to try it or cook it. You can ask your mothers or grandmothers, and they will lick their fingers, we assure you!

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