Privacy Policy

dua AG shall protect its user content and data in accordance with the Swiss Act of Data Protection. The website and mobile application are aligned with the aforementioned legal authority. For further information, please read Terms & Conditions of Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property

All content included in this website or mobile application, graphic, textual, visual and/or others, are considered as an intellectual property of dua AG. Any unauthorized use, processing, editing or sharing requires prior consent of the relevant or impacted user.

Privacy & Care

In general, you must:

  • Always act carefully when you communicate online with people.
  • Not share your personal information such as the password to anyone. In case you share personal information, your data privacy will be at risk. Moreover, if an individual has access to your profile without permission, please report such behavior.
  • Always be careful when you give personal information (ie. email address, messenger data, full name, URL, and financial data) to another user.
  • Be vigilant when someone asks for your bank data, your credit card number or other financial information. Do not send money to anyone. Be careful when someone presents themselves as a representative of our company or other and requires you to pay for a price for services that are not provided by dua AG.
  • Do not use a provocative or suspicious name – this may attract the wrong crowd of people. We usually recommend that you use your first name without a last name.
  • If you face inappropriate behavior from any member, look for the abuse report tab that sends immediate notifications to our team. You also have the “blocking” option when a member is harassing you or you do not feel good while communicating with them. Do not let them abuse or bother you – block the relevant member or report her/him to our team. We have established the monitoring and effective control team that aims at elevating problems that users might face while using our platform.


Dua is a place to make new friends. Friends care about the safety and well-being of one another. We care about your safety. That’s why we are giving you some safety tips

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know by emailing us at:

If you would like to just say hi, that’s great! We’d love to hear from a friend.


Dua aims to provide a secure and safe environment for you to get to know people in your community. This starts with more than the technological side of things. And it includes you!

Cyber security is a complex issue and no system can be considered 100% safe. Should a security breach occur, we will act as fast as possible to fix the problem. We shall do everything to keep your personal data safe with us. This data will not be publicly available and is being protected by us according to the standards of the Swiss Privacy Act

You are personally responsible for what you share on your profile with other users. Information you provide on your profile can be shared in different ways by registered users. We recommend to not share too much personal information on your profile.

Never include:

  • Street address
  • Phone numbers
  • Work related information
  • Other sensitive information which makes it easier to identify you

Please keep your account and login credentials safe. Do not share them with anyone else.

Should you suspect a breach of security or unusual activity in your account, a suspicious profile, an unwanted contact request from another user, or whatever it is that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please contact us immediately at

Think Clearly

For some people, communicating on the internet can create a feeling of deep intimacy very quickly. Some even go as far as saying they fell in love with a person, before they have even met them in real life. Be careful about such feelings. Use your head, as well as your heart. Give yourself time to get to know the other person better. Stay in the safe space of our messaging system before switching to private messaging or other types of communication. If anything makes you feel suspicious, inform us at so we can take a look into it. We want to make Dua a safe space for everyone.

Contact Tips

Give yourself enough time to get to know the person you are talking to. Switch to private messaging only after you feel completely secure. Do not give away your phone number or address soon.

The First Date

Meeting a person you like for the first time is really exciting. Still, there are some things to consider. Think clearly, despite all the butterflies in your stomach.

  • First dates should happen in a public space and at a decent time. Lunch dates are a great way to meet someone for the first time in a safe way. If possible, avoid meeting at night time and in remote or isolated places.
  • Use your own car or public transport. Do not let your date pick you up at home (see Personal Details)
  • Limit your alcohol consumption or do not drink at all. You need to be able to think clearly.
  • Tell a friend about your plans and agree to check-in with them later.
  • Always keep your mobile phone close to you.

Warning Signals

There are some warning signals telling you to be vigilant around another user. If you see one or more of these and/or have any suspicions, please contact us immediately at

  • The profile picture is of an unusually attractive person and / or looks like a staged picture (i.e. model picture etc.).
  • The person claims to be a member of the US military, or widowed. This is a popular scammer strategy.
  • The person wants to get close to you very fast.
  • The person might ask for money and other financial support, allegedly for treatment of a sick family member or being stuck in a foreign country. This is also a popular strategy.
  • The person wants to switch to private forms of messaging (email, phone, WhatsApp) very quickly.
  • The person deletes their account on

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