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turkish community in germany

The Turkish community in Germany

The Turkish community in Germany or Turkish people have played an integral role in German society for over five decades.

german turkish relations

German Turkish relations

German Turkish relations – These two countries have a complicated but intertwined history. Let’s look at what has brought these

german turkish actors

German Turkish actors you must know

German Turkish actors have been making waves in Hollywood and beyond over the past few years. From award-winning performances to

turks in germany

Turks in Germany

Turks in Germany – As the largest population of diaspora Turks outside of Turkey, it’s no wonder that Germany has

famous polish people

Famous polish people

There are plenty of famous Polish people in Polish history. But did you know that Poland has produced some of

polish culture

Polish culture

Polish culture is a unique mix of the traditional and progressive. While conservative values, religious piety, social customs, and nostalgia