I want to know what is love

i want to know what is love

I want to know what is love, what is love? This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and numerous answers are available. It is impossible to define. Many people have attempted to describe it by describing a feeling they had.

Unlike other emotions, love does not pass. It is eternal. However, without commitment, it ceases to exist. A loving commitment distinguishes romantic love from other types of relationships. However, there are numerous responses to the question. There are numerous love myths. Let’s look at some of the most common myths.

Myth 1: Love conquers all, but what exactly is it?

If you are in love, you can take anything in life. This is a popular theory. There is a romantic belief that lovers can do whatever they want. This myth keeps you from confronting relationship issues.

As a result, every time things go wrong, you’ll end up beating yourself up emotionally. Because everything, in your opinion, is dependent on this ‘feeling’ of love you have for your partner.

The answer you need

I want to know what is love. Romance alone will not make a relationship work. The two’s compatibility and commitment will help you get through the difficult times. A solid relationship foundation will ensure the marriage’s longevity. The icing on an already delectably delicious cake is romance.

Myth 2: You will recognize true love at first sight.

Many people will tell you that they fell in love at first sight. Unfortunately, this is also a love myth. It does not happen overnight. In the beginning, you are simply struck by passion.

Be careful. Confusing infatuation with true love can cause you to ignore the rest of the relationship. Not only that, you may miss out on true and lasting love.

The truth

True love takes time to develop. Once you’ve seen your partner’s good and bad points, and vice versa. Passion can be felt in an instant, but true feelings take time. This is what distinguishes and distinguishes love. It simply does not happen that quickly. As a result, don’t believe the myth of love being born quickly!

Myth 3: The ideal partner will completely satisfy you.

To be happy and fulfilled within yourself, you must be in a relationship. You are looking for someone to fill a void within you, and that person will be your ideal partner.

There are two main dangerous things about this belief: that there is a perfect partner and that someone else can completely fulfill you.

So, what is it?

When you ask yourself, ‘What is love?’ remember that love is not just a feeling you feel but a decision you make. It takes time and real commitment. Does your relationship contradict these myths? Do you know whether or not you have feelings for each other? We hope we’ve given you something to think about today.

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